15 Fun Back to School Ideas

15+ Fun Back to School Ideas: bookmarks, pencil holders, book covers, cork boards, chalk boards, lots of ideas here! PLUS at the end links to even MORE ideas!!

You’ve shopped for your supplies, and now you’re looking for some fun and kid friendly back to school ideas. Whether it’s colorful ways to hold all those pencils you just bought, or ideas for keeping a desk organized at home, I have an idea or two for you! Over the years I’ve made plenty of back to school crafts, so I thought it would be fun to gather several into a list for you for easy pickins’. In this list are┬áplenty of projects that are great for your desk or school locker or even for that space in your room. Keep everything organized with these homemade supplies.

  1. Duck Tape® Monster Corkboard
  2. Denim Mosaic Chalkboard
  3. Glitter Flower Power Chalkboard
  4. Clothespin Art Center
  5. ABC Salt Dough Magnets
  6. Recycled Cardboard Tube Desk Caddy
  7. Rainbow Pencil Holder Can
  8. Denim Covered Pencil Can
  9. Magnetic Locker Pencil Holder
  10. Neon Bright Pencil Holders
  11. Decorating a Composition Notebook
  12. Faux Vinyl Book Cover
  13. Craft Stick Pencil Bookmarks
  14. Easy Craft Stick Bookmarks
  15. Avengers Bookmarks Craft for Kids

Looking for more? Browse the entire collection of back to school craft ideas or check out my Back to School Pinterest board for hundreds more!



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