28 Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

28 Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids by Amanda Formaro craftsbyamanda.com @amandaformaro

Over the years I’ve made quite a few Valentine’s Day crafts for kids. Hearts, cupids, candy and construction paper, plenty of fun ideas for your children. I’ve put together a collection of kid friendly Valentine’s Day crafts I made over the years for Kaboose. When you’re done here, I have another round up of Valentine’s Day crafts here – 31 Valentine Crafts for You and the Kids.

You probably already know that I do a lot of freelance crafting work. I’ve made over 500 projects just for Kaboose, which is now owned by Disney. Yes, not kidding, 500! Have you heard of Spoonful.com? How about FamilyFun.com? Well FamilyFun was two entities, a print magazine I know you’ve probably flipped through, and a website, both owned by Disney. Well the print magazine now belongs to Meredith Corporation (Better Home & Gardens, Family Circle, Parents, etc) and so Disney decided to rebrand their FamilyFun website as Spoonful.com. Kaboose is headed there too, so now the work I did for Kaboose is getting transferred to Spoonful. Fun!

Anyway, not sure you really wanted to know all of that, but as I was browsing and poking around, I decided I should probably do a round up of the Valentine crafts I’ve made for them. I can’t post the full tutorials, but each photo has a link below it which will take you to the appropriate tutorial. Happy Valentine’s Day and have fun!

28 Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Valentine's Day crafts for kids - Salt Dough Heart Magnets

Salt Dough Heart Magnets

ANOTHER CRAFTY IDEA >>  Stenciled Chalky Finish Table Makeover

Valentine Handprint Wall Hanging

Valentine Handprint Wall Hanging

Valentine's Day crafts for kids - Pretty Heart Boxes

Pretty Heart Boxes

Valentine Love Bug Pin

Love Bug Pin

Thumbprint Heart Card

Thumbprint Heart Card

Valentine's Day crafts - Make a Friendship Box

Make a Friendship Box

Valentine's Day crafts for kids - Puffy Tissue Paper Heart

Puffy Tissue Paper Heart

Valentine Heart Package Tie Ons

Heart Package Tie Ons

Valentine Cardboard Tube Cupid

Cardboard Tube Cupid

Conversation Heart Wreath

Conversation Heart Wreath

Valentine's Day crafts for kids - Easy Heart Pillows

Easy Heart Pillows

Valentine Friendship Bracelets craft

Valentine Friendship Bracelets

Valentine Chocolate Candy Hearts

Chocolate Candy Hearts

Crafts for kids - Valentine Paper Bag Pinata

Valentine Paper Bag Pinata

Fun Kid's Valentine Hat Craft

Fun Valentine Hat

Cupid's Arrow Heart Card

Cupid’s Arrow Heart Card

Wearable Edible Candy Rings

Wearable Edible Candy Rings

Valentine Cozy for Your Lollies

Cozy for Your Lollies

Valentine Photo Frame

Valentine Photo Frame

Valentine's Day crafts for kids - Bouquet of Tissue Paper Carnations

Bouquet of Tissue Paper Carnations

Pretty Valentine Shirt

Pretty Valentine Shirt

Valentine's Day Craft Foam Heart Pins

Craft Foam Heart Pins

Pom Pom Valentine Critter

Pom Pom Valentine Critter

Valentine's Day Tri-Bead Hearts

Tri-Bead Hearts

Valentine Notebook

Valentine Notebook

Valentine's Day crafts for kids - Conversation Heart Card Box

Conversation Heart Card Box

Easy Homemade Valentine Cards

Easy Homemade Valentine Cards

Valentine's Day Craft Foam Roses

Craft Foam Roses

To see even MORE Valentine crafts I’ve made for you, check out this post 31 Valentine Crafts for You and the Kids and the rest of my Valentine’s Day Crafts on CraftsbyAmanda.com


  1. says

    How sweet it is … when i was a youngster our 3rd grade teacher had us take some drawing paper , or construction paper , and fold it in about 3/4″ halved … then we decorated the entire paper on front .. making the object look like a holder for mail… we used those holders for collecting our valentines day cards from friends on valentines day at school..such fun … everyone in class had their very own unique idea of the add ons to pretty up their containers… such fun… all the kids loved making them .. and even the teacher got into the act…. funny how we remember those fun times back when .. and now we can share them with our children too .. and /or neighbors / friends. I take MY ideas to the local nursing home for their activity days .. they love to see me coming in as i always have other fun ideas.. thanks Amanda for helping me out in decision making… keep up the good work ya’ll !

  2. marie bray says

    MHi amanda! Can you please help? I’m looking for some cute colouful round boxes! Its only got 1 pattern piece! Thankyou


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