Acorn Snowman Ornament craft

Now is the time, before the snow flies, to get outside and gather up some acorns for craft projects. Only take what you will use, leave the rest for the squirrels! :)

This little snowman ornament is a simple craft that kids can help make. There are some small details, so your guiding hand will be at work here. Once completed, this little acorn snowman makes a perfect gift topper, tree ornament, gift for a teacher, aunt, grandma or even a good friend. So let’s get started!

Acorn Snowman
(I originally made this a few years ago for

What You Need

3 acorns for each snowman
1 acorn top for each snowman
acrylic paint in white and red
purchased miniature bow or ribbon
8″ thin ribbon
snow texture paint
black marker or paint
orange acrylic paint
hot glue

What you do

Gently rough up the outside of each acorn with a piece of sandpaper. Paint acorns white, 2 or 3 coats may be needed to cover. Paint the acorn top with red paint, repeat and let dry.

Glue each acorn together with hot glue. Hot glue acorn top on as a hat. Use black marker, or a toothpick dipped in black paint, to dot on eyes, mouth and buttons. Use the other end of the toothpick to paint on nose with orange paint.

Glue the bow tie, or ribbon fashioned into a bow tie, to the front of the snowman. Glue the thin piece of ribbon to the back of the snowman as a hanger. When everything is dry, hang the snowman on a nail on the wall. Now using the snow texture paint, add some snow to the hat. Allow to dry completely.

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I have linked this to the Friday Showcase, check out what some other crafters did!

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  1. Melissa McHugh says

    This is too cute!! and may i add money saving to ! ADORABLE :) and “Chritina form the desert” if you can’t get any acorns i would love to send ya some if needed… Two Thumbs up on this one ladies :)


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