Angel, My Beloved German Shepherd

My German Shepherd, Angel

About a month after the Twin Towers fell in New York City my sweet puppy, Angel, was born. I wanted to bring her home the very moment I saw her fuzzy little face, but I had another week to wait. At a tiny and precious 6 weeks old, Angel became a member of our family. That was in November of 2001. Like any puppy, Angel was a handful that could have quickly spiraled out of control if not trained in basic obedience. So it was off to obedience class we went.

My German Shepherd, Angel

The training classes we attended taught on the reward method, where treats are given when your dog responds correctly. Our trainer suggested Pupperoni because they are soft and easy for dogs to chew, easy to break into small pieces, and dogs just love them. There were all sizes and shapes of dogs in the class, from the teeny tiny to really big, and everything in between. Yet all owners showed up with the suggested treat and all of the dogs responded positively. There wasn’t a mouth in the house that didn’t love their treats!

My German Shepherd, Angel

After two levels of obedience classes, when Angel was 18 months old she earned her Canine Good Citizen Award, given by the American Kennel Club. This award is given to dogs who behave in public with strangers and can be handled safely. I was so proud of her, of us. :) We had done it together.

My German Shepherd, Angel

Angel is now 10 years old. She has grown with our family, from screaming, running little kids to bustling, busy teenagers. Our now 13 year old son hadn’t even reached his third birthday when Angel graced our lives. My 20 year old son was in fifth grade, so she’s definitely grown up as part of this family.

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My German Shepherd, Angel

Every morning after she heads outside to do her business, she comes back in for a treat. Like clockwork. She’s very much entwined in our lives and due to her age, we are beginning to fear when that inevitable day will come that she leaves this earth. While that day will eventually come, she’s still happy and healthy, although a little slower now. She will be forever in our hearts! #iLoveMyK9

My German Shepherd, Angel

Below is a little video demonstrating me using Pup-peroni treats in the same way that she learned almost 9 years ago.

When asked to put together a small gift basket for a lucky doggie out there, I knew I wanted to include Angel’s favorites. She of course loves Pup-Peroni, has been a fan of Milk Bone for many years, and has recently taken a big liking to Milo’s Homestyle Kitchen treats too! Milk Bone recently came out with this doggie Trail Mix and Angel just loves it!

Shop for dog treats

So it was off to WalMart to collect the goodies while picking up some for Angel too.

Shop for dog treats

As you can see they have a huge selection to choose from, and from the looks of the shelves I am not the only dog owner who was here today! ;-)

Treat basket

I live in a rural area, so there aren’t any animal shelters close by. However, our local grocery store usually has a big barrel near the exit door where shoppers can drop in donations of food, treats, toys, whatever they like, as they head out the door. That was my intention originally, when I discovered that the barrel was still there but all the signage had been removed. :(

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Twin Lakes Food Pantry

So instead I decided to donate my selected treats and a feeding station to the Food Pantry that is run through the local Catholic church. The Food Pantry offers donated food items to local needy families. Many of those needy families have dogs too! So this was a perfect solution to the barrel-gone-missing. To top it off, they had a basket of coupons in the waiting area and I found one for Pup-peroni AND Milo’s! So I added those to the “basket” as well. :)

If you would like to share the doggie love you can follow Milk Bone on Twitter, Pup-Peroni on Twitter, and you can also like Milk Bone on Facebook.

Are you a dog owner? What are your dogs favorite treats?

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  1. Carolyn Staat says

    I understand how you feel about your dog. We brought our girl Sadie home with us in Febuary of 1998. She was going to help our youngest to not fear dogs, and she did her job and then some. When we lived up in the mountains she made sure that all the critters in our back acre knew that that was her home. We moved to town a couple of years ago were she started to show her age. Two weeks ago we had to put her to sleep, ahe could no longer be comfortable due to her legs and hip pain. She was blind and deaf, and slept over 90% of her day. It was so sad to see her in pain, so we had to make the decision (that was the hardest thing I have ever done). But now I know she is no longer in pain and is in heaven chasing all those critters. I hope you have many years with your Angel.

    • says

      Oh Carolyn I feel your pain! We had a cat for 14 years, he was 17 when I had to have him put to sleep a year ago. It was soooooooo hard, but the cancer had him and I didn’t want him to suffer. You did the right thing, and you are right, she’s all healed and running around in heaven!

      • says

        I had two cats that i had to have them put down because they both had a stroke and could not move, my two girls Natalie and Emily were quite upset when we did it they both knew it was the right thing to do and now we have a germansheperd puppie, a mutt, and two kittens, now my two girls are again one happy family

    • says

      I have had 2 beloved dogs that each lived to be 14. It was the hardest thing I ever did to have Nyomi put to sleep. She was my first real dog. Tiki belonged to my mom and stepfather and I had been around her since she was a puppy. When they both passed on Tiki came to live with us. We had her for 3 or 4 years befor cancer took her from us. Since she was my mom’s dog, it was very hard when she passed. Now I have a full size Pomeranian named Poofers who is 8 years old and always close by my side, unless I am at work. We should still have a few years left.

  2. Cookie 17 says

    Amanda you scared me when I first started reading this I thought Oh No this not gonna be,But more read better it got.I’m so glad you had her trained she big( we had miniature one yrs’ back ) that way doesn’t scare people so much.Every year we give to SPCA here & take treats there to. Honey I could write about dogs all day. We had little poodle had put him down like other lady said one hardest things do.I cried month every day someone ask about him tears flow.Not getting another one we to old care for one now my kids bring theirs& we hug pet love them, say biscuit time go right kitchen where they are. See what mean talk all day lol, Later honey beautiful dog…

  3. says

    Animals become our children and we love them so much, it hurts. I have had a dog and a beloved cat wait and die in front of me! Just love them and the rest is out of out control………

  4. says

    Angel is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures with us. We lost our Gordon in December…. it has been so very, very hard…. even now.

    I also love what you did by donating a basket full of puppy goodies to your local Food Pantry. That is wonderful…. our church’s food pantry also tries to stock up on food for the four-legged members of the families…..

  5. says

    Love the photo retrospective! Also, great point about taking the pet items to the food pantry – food banks usually have a section for household/other items to help those in need with other items they may struggle to afford.

  6. Robyn Adair says

    i am in love with Angel. You are a great dog owner/mother. I grew up in a home with German Shepherds and mine were my dearest friends. I hope to get another someday. thanks for the beautiful inspiration.

  7. Sherry Crandall says

    She is so beautiful … I had two Shepards and I miss them greatly , 9 yrs and still counting. We can not have one due to our subdivision, it sucks… If I were you and all the training you have , I would be adopting another soon, I did and it was helpful for the inevitable … I did training too… It fun.. Did you do agility , my boy hated it, my girl loved it and of course I loved it, showing how smart she was and fast..

  8. Sherry Crandall says

    She is so beautiful … I had two Shepards and I miss them greatly , 9 yrs and still counting. We can not have one due to our subdivision, it sucks… If I were you and all the training you have , I would be adopting another soon, I did and it was helpful for the inevitable … I did training too… It fun.. Did you do agility , my boy hated it, my girl loved it and of course I loved it, showing how smart she was and fast..

    • says

      Thanks Sherry! She’s still very healthy, just losing her sight and hearing now. Her hips are still great and overall she’s doing well. The worry is still there of course. she’ll be 11 in October!

  9. Sherry Mattox says

    Please give Angel an extra hug and kiss for me today. My dear Shelby “the three-legged wonder dog” was diagnosed with cancer last year and was going through her second round of chemo when I made the decision to let her go. The chemo was helping wipe out the cancer but her quality of life deteriorated rapidly. I could have kept her alive longer and feel guilty that I didn’t. She was my first dog of my own (I’m 51 now). Your story of Angel is so touching. I can’t stop crying. It’s a good thing I guess because I try hard not to most of the time. God bless your “Angel”.

    • says

      Don’t feel guilty Sherry. You shouldn’t, you did what needed to be done so that your sweet Shelby didn’t have to suffer any longer. I’ve known people that have spent thousands of dollars on cancer treatments on older dogs only to have them fail and pass on anyway. They just prolonged it. I know we want to help them, but sometimes it’s just that time. :( I’m sorry for your loss!

  10. Chip Broadbooks says

    Wow! What a beautiful dog!

    I came across this site b/c I did a search for “German Shepherd Angel.” We just lost Beau, our shepherd, last weekend due to cancer. It happened so fast, within 36 hours. He seemed to be doing well at his wellness check-up just 3 months ago. He was the only dog my son had known his whole life so it really has hit him hard.

    It’s never an easy decision to let one go. My vet was so good. I had opted for the surgery and she called me the following evening as she was getting prepped and spoke with me regarding his prognosis. I asked her to give me 20 minutes to get there and she gave me her cell # to call when I did. I laid down on the floor next to him, put his head in the crook of my shoulder, talked to him and rubbed him for a couple of hours. He fell asleep resting on my shoulder. Once asleep on his own, she gave him the shot. By now it was after 9:30 p.m. Not once did the vet say anything to me regarding the time.

    He is greatly missed, but he is not suffering. And he crossed over hearing my voice, telling him how fabulous he was, and to meet me at the gates, and he was at peace in his Dad’s arms.

    We will not be long without another GSD. I’ve owned shepherds for most of my life. I can’t imagine not owning one. Her registered name is Bella, the female version of Beau. Both meaning beautiful. My son is going to call her Felicity, meaning intense happiness. Four more weeks. Time to start puppy proofing…. :-O

    • says

      Awww thank you so much for sharing your story with me Chip! It made me tear up thinking about the day that Angel leaves me. She’ll be 13 this fall, so I know the day is getting closer. I keep saying I’ll never get another dog, but I suppose I won’t really know until that time comes. I love my Angel so much!

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