Antiqued Canning Lid Snowman

Antiqued Canning Lid Snowman -

Whether you are a seasonal canner or someone who buys canning jars just for crafting, chances are you have some canning lids and bands lying around. Turn them into a rustic snowman ornaments with a vintage feel. Rusty canning bands are ideal for this craft!

Antiqued Canning Lid Snowman -

I tried rusting the lids myself with salt and vinegar, and while it looked like it was really cool while it was working, the affect wasn’t as awesome as I had hoped, and it took a long time. So in the end I called my crafty neighbor and she happened to have some rusty bands. Thanks Debra! :)

Antiqued Canning Lid Snowman -

If you’re a canner, you know that you can reuse the bands, but lids cannot be used more than once. Therefore they are great candidates for recycling into crafts. In this project we’ll use Antique Mod Podge over white fabric to give these snowman that aged look.

Antiqued Canning Lid Snowman - CraftsbyAmanda.comThis snowman ornament is two sided. My faces are similar, but you can see the difference in the two sides.

Antiqued Canning Lid Snowman -[Full printable instructions below] Trace around the lids onto the fabric, leaving a border. Podge them onto the lids, then podge on the fabric nose. When dry, use a scruffy brush and pink paint for the cheeks and dot on the eyes and mouth with black.

Antiqued Canning Lid Snowman - CraftsbyAmanda.comAdd some stain over the whole thing. To connect the two sides together you’ll need something in between the two lids to keep them from collapsing inward. I used small chunks of floral foam. Nice and light so as not to add any weight to the ornament. Wrap with burlap and twine and you are all set!

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Antiqued Canning Lid Snowman -

Hang on the tree!

Antiqued Canning Lid Snowman -

Antiqued Canning Lid Snowman


  • 2 aging (rusty) canning lids and rims
  • Gesso or white paint
  • Ivory or white fabric
  • Mod Podge Antique Matte
  • Orange fabric
  • Paint: pink, black, dark brown
  • Scruffy brush
  • Antiquing medium
  • Fine point Sharpie
  • Floral foam
  • Hot glue
  • Burlap strip 1"x9"
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  1. Remove the lids from the bands. Paint the lids with Gesso or white paint.
  2. Trace around the lids onto the fabric and cut out circles. Mod Podge the circles onto the lids. Cut two noses from orange fabric and decoupage them onto the fabric circles. Allow to dry completely.
  3. Use scruffy brush dipped in pink paint, excess paint dabbed off on a paper towel, to add cheeks. Trim the excess fabric around the lid.
  4. Use the handle end of the brush dipped in black paint to add eyes and mouths. Let the paint dry completely then add another layer of decoupage.
  5. Mix antiquing medium with dark brown part in equal parts. Add a coat to the snowman face and wipe back with a clean cloth.
  6. Insert the lids into the bands. Cut pieces of floral foam to one-inch heights and hot glue inside one of the lids. This will ensure that the lids will not come loose from the bands. Glue the two bands together, making sure that the faces on each side are facing the same way.
  7. Glue twine around the center of the bands, tying in a knot at the top of the ornament.
  8. Starting at the knot of twine, glue the burlap strip around the band, covering the twine, except for the top where the knot is.
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  1. Cherie says

    I absolutely LOVE this project. Can’t wait to make some. I have lots and lots of rusty old canning rings left from years and years of use. I’ve often thought of tossing them out, but now I’m so glad I didn’t. Thank you for this inspiration.

  2. Cookie 17 says

    Another great idea Amanda,this gives me some things do when get’s real cold,it’s just me & my HB at home now so I can try do them but you make pretty & easy things to do.Thank’s again …

  3. Sunny C says

    Hey Amanda; This is Beautiful!!!! I absolutely LOVE Snowmen!!! Now I know what to do with the Rusty lids which are on some Antique Canning Jars that I have!!
    I can Homemade Pickles, and I was eyeing these lids two weeks ago, and I thought about tossing the lids, but I liked how they looked all Rusty and I thought I know I can make something with them!!!!
    Many Thanks to you Amanda, I now know what I am going to do with my lids!!!!
    Thank-You!!!!! :-)


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