Balloon Experiment for Kids

For the next week, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is taking place in New Mexico. It’s called the “most photographed event on earth” and that’s pretty apparent if you are on Instagram.

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

All you have to do is search the hashtag #BalloonFiesta and thousands upon thousands of images and videos will appear. It’s like being there yourself!

Balloon Experiment for Kids @amandaformaro Crafts by Amanda

To celebrate this event with your kids, I’ll show you how to make a balloon magically inflate using baking soda and vinegar. Do you remember doing this when you were a child? Doesn’t matter what age you are, it’s still fun to do! Head over to Kix Cereal to see my post – Hot Air Balloon Bottle.

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  1. Susan Hennings says

    Always a fun time with baking soda and vinegar, but making a tissue balloon, or whatever light material, find a heat source, hair dryer (on low), etc. , and fly a real hot air balloon that the kids made. This is always fun, too. Middle school kids can do this, little ones with help from parents. Happy ballooning!!

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