Bathroom Wall Sconce Makeover

Bathroom Wall Sconce Makeover - CraftsbyAmanda.comWe have an ugly bathroom. Well, I really shouldn’t say that. It’s not as ugly as it was when we first bought the house. We’ve made little improvements here and there such as changing out the shower curtain, removing the Victorian wallpaper, replacing the pink toilet, and painting the cabinets. Then there were these ornate wall sconces that just had to go.

When I attended Evo Conference in Utah I really had a good time talking with the great people from Lowes. They have a fun new program called “$50 and Change”. Lowes asked consumers about their budgets and small do-it-yourself projects. They have found that most people say that $50 is their sweet spot for spending money on basic DIY projects, and so they’ve created a challenge on their Facebook page. Lowes has asked their customers and fans to create their own projects for $50 or less and post their ideas to the Lowe’s Idea Exchange on Facebook. I played along, always up for a good challenge!

Lowes has lots of ideas already – Projects to Update Your Home for $50

Bathroom Wall Sconce Makeover - CraftsbyAmanda.comI started here. In this ugly bathroom. It’s been “under construction” for several years. We make small changes as the budget allows, so this challenge was actually quite ideal for us.

Bathroom Wall Sconce Makeover - CraftsbyAmanda.comI have been wanting to get rid of these nasty looking ornate wall sconces since we bought this house in 2007. Finally… finally!

Bathroom Wall Sconce Makeover - CraftsbyAmanda.comSo armed with a $50 budget, I hit the lighting department inside Lowes. Buying brand new sconces can run anywhere from $25 to several hundred dollars, depending on what you choose. I actually played it pretty frugal and went with these simple brass sconces for $6.98 each. I really didn’t care for the old fashioned glass light covers that came with the sconces. They had a large variety of light covers, but none fit this particular sconce, so we checked over by the ceiling fans. Score. We picked up 2 light covers, also for $6.98 each! Then it was off to the spray paint aisle where I grabbed some Rustoleum Metallic (Nickel Matte) to give the brass a brushed nickel look. Grand total = $36.21.

Bathroom Wall Sconce Makeover - CraftsbyAmanda.comBye bye Ugly Betty.

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Bathroom Wall Sconce Makeover - CraftsbyAmanda.comThe first step was to paint those brass sconces. I gave them a couple of coats and let them dry thoroughly.

Bathroom Wall Sconce Makeover - CraftsbyAmanda.comHubby removed the old sconces exposing the wiring. For safety’s sake we turned off the bathroom breaker beforehand.

Bathroom Wall Sconce Makeover - CraftsbyAmanda.comHe put the new one on and that was that. Simple!

Bathroom Wall Sconce Makeover - CraftsbyAmanda.comIt was when I took this picture that I remembered the white wicker mirror I had found at the flea market a year ago. It had been sitting in my basement all that time. So I brought it up and replaced the mirror…

Bathroom Wall Sconce Makeover - CraftsbyAmanda.comMuch better! See, for under $50 it looks completely different. So now it’s YOUR turn! How about if I give you a $50 Lowes gift card so you can post your DIY project too?

RULES: Must have a U.S. shipping address, be 18 years or older, and enter the giveaway by the deadline of 10/22/12. Good luck! Can’t wait to see who wins and hope you’ll take the challenge too!

Bathroom Wall Sconce Makeover -

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Lowes provided me with a $50 gift card to create this project.


  1. Emily K. says

    What a great giveaway! I could definitely use the money to build an accent piece for my bedroom, or add new shelving to the bathroom.

  2. Margie Hall says

    LoL, I am dealing with a bright yellow tiled bathroom circa 1960-70. I am at a total loss how to deal with the retina burning color other than completely retile it

  3. Sunny C says

    Hey Amanda;
    Call me Strange……..But I LOVE your Old Ornate Sconces, and the old Mirror That you hated and took down!!!!
    I Honestly wish that I had them, as I could use them and they would match some of the things which I have and use no less!!! LOL!!!!!
    Dont get me wrong, what you have done looks nice. I just do really LOVE the Ornate Sconces. I wish I had em!!!

  4. Cathy O says

    Have you thought about tile paint to get rid of the colour you hate? I notice another user posted about yellow tiles and painting is definitely a cheaper option. I haven’t used the paint myself, but I have seen it used on makeover shows before.

    • says

      Yes, but eventually my husband wants to redo the entire bathroom so I don’t want to waste the time, effort and money on painting it, just to have him remove it later. So the alternative is to hang large pieces to break up the monotony of the color :)

  5. Sheila Vives says

    Wow, glad you shared the photos. Cannot believe what a different such a small style change made in your bathroom. You inspired me.

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