Beauty in the weeds

At the end of our street, where I walk the dog, there’s a field. At the beginning of that field there’s a large amount of weeds, which most of the time are just an eyesore. But upon closer inspection, weeds have hidden beauty in their lovely blooms. Here’s just a few, I’m sure you’ve seen the same ones in your neighborhood too.

Nature has an amazing way of bringing out the beauty even in something we often find annoying and aggravating. Next time you are cursing the dreaded weeds, think of the pretty blooms that they occasionally bring and smile.

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  1. Tami says

    Your pictures made me smile. You’re so right…if we would just remember to slow down and take a look around sometimes, there’s beauty in nature all around us that we don’t see. Thanks for taking the time to take pictures of those flowers. :)

  2. dddiva says

    Amanda, thanks for the memories- my grandmother’s favorite flower was the brown-eyed susan. I miss her so much, and every time I see them they remind me how lucky I am to have her in me.
    p.s. I am Dovie from FC – always a diva, though ;)

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