Candy Corn Softie

Candy Corn Softie

I realize that I said the craft stick spider was my last Halloween craft for the year, but I almost forgot about this candy corn softie I made last week. My kittens have inherited it, so since we don’t have any little kids running around anymore, a kitten toy seemed the perfect answer. However, if you have little ones, this project is a fun way to get them started with sewing!

Before I show you the tutorial, I just have to share these pictures of Sadie, one of my kittens, playing with the softie. It’s next to impossible to get a still shot of her. She’s like a Mexican jumping bean. She was really going to town on this toy! Ha!

To make this softie, you’ll need to download the pattern, or you can draw your own if you like.

Candy Corn SoftieAfter you print it out, cut out the pieces and pin them to your felt. Then cut the felt out around the pattern, leaving a little head way at the top of the middle and bottom pieces.

Candy Corn SoftieThen separate the pieces, keeping one right side up and turning one set over. Glue them together.

Candy Corn SoftieFor younger kids, parents should poke the holes first using the child safe sewing needle. Older kids can just sew it without holes if they like.

The full instructions are below. Have fun and Happy Halloween everyone!

Candy Corn Softie


  • Felt: orange, white and yellow
  • Yarn: white and black
  • Child safe plastic sewing needle
  • 2 large sew-on googly eyes
  • Cotton batting
  • Pattern
  • Needle and thread
  • Pins
  • Felt glue
  • Scissors
  1. To begin, layer two pieces of yellow felt, two pieces of white, and two pieces of orange. Then cut out the pattern pieces and pin them to the appropriate color felt.
  2. Cut around the pieces, leaving a little extra above the middle and bottom pieces.
  3. Remove the pins and separate the pieces. Flip one set over so that when you combine the pieces, one will be for the back and one for the front.
  4. Using felt glue, attach the center section to the bottom, covering the yellow overlap with the orange. Repeat for the white top section.
  5. While a child safe needle is easy to poke into felt, it takes a little coaxing to get the wide end of the eye through the felt. To make things easier on little ones, a grown up should create the sewing holes first. To do this, poke the child safe needle in until it stops at the eye, then gently twisting twist the needle while pulling and it will slide right through.
  6. Kids can sew the pieces together (using your guide holes if you created them) and the felt glue will help hold them together while they work.
  7. Once your child has finished sewing the sections, use the pattern as a guide to sew a black yarn smile onto one of the candy corns. Sew on the googly eyes.
  8. Lay the pieces together back to back and sew them together with your sewing machine to close bottom corner to bottom corner, leaving the flat bottom open.
  9. Turn inside out and fill with cotton batting then sew up the bottom.
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Candy Corn Softie


  1. says

    Amanda! These are ADORABLE! I actually found you on by way of the Followers Fest. I fell in love with your ghost luminaries and when I saw that you were the one who made them, I had to pop over here too and leave you a message! I am going to be spending SO much time here!!! :) Following! — Dawn

  2. mary says

    you are by far my favorite crafter. love your candy corn and your video of your cat was great. please keep them coming, I need inspiration to get back in to crafting.

  3. Laura says

    My daughter loves candy corn and loves to make softies. I think I’m going to have to buy her some white, yellow, and orange felt so she can get crafting.


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