Cardboard Tube Chicken: The Farm Series

I recently posted several cardboard tube crafts for Easter. I wanted to make sure I got those posted in time in case anyone needed a fun project for the holiday. In addition to the Easter cardboard tube crafts, I have several cardboard tube farm animals to show you! I’ll start the series with the chicken. It’s probably one of my favorites of all the farm animals, must be her cute long legs. :) I’m excited to show you this farm series of crafts, so let’s get started!

Don’t you think she’s cute? Makes me wish I would have made her a little hen house. Hee hee. You can make her little baby cardboard tube chicks too. Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing quite a few farm animals in this series in the coming days!

NOTE: I used a hot glue gun. If you choose to do the same, please be careful and always supervise children or do the gluing for them. You can use instant grab glue instead. 

First you’ll need to cut a section of cardboard tube about 1 1/2 – 2″ high. Paint it white, inside and out, and set it aside to dry.

To make the legs, cut about 3″ off of an orange chenille stem (I used that for the chicks’ feet) and then cut the remaining length of the orange chenille in half.

From each of the two chenille legs, cut a 1″ piece. Cross the 1″ piece with the longer piece as shown above.

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Now twist that 1″ piece around the longer piece. Note to self: move the stupid glue gun before taking pictures so the focus hones in on the right object. Especially if you’re going to have the camera on a tripod and just not really pay attention to what the result is until you actually download the pictures and it’s just too dang late to take another one. 

Bend the foot so that your chicken will be able to stand. Glue the legs inside the bottom of the tube. Hmm. I moved the glue gun and it’s still blurry. *sigh*

To make the chicken’s comb, bend a red chenille stem as shown above, trimming off the excess.

Glue the comb to the inside top of the tube.

The wings are made in a similar fashion from white chenille. Shape chenille into a heart shape, trim and glue to the side of the tube.

Paint a triangle for the beak and use a black Sharpie marker to add the eyes and eyebrows. Finally, dip a scruffy paintbrush or Q-tip in pink paint and dab off all the excess paint. The paintbrush will be almost dry. Dab pink on for the cheeks.

More farm animals to come, so stay tuned!

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  1. Katlyn says

    I thought it was a roll of toilet paper when I first looked at the photo. I thought WOW now that is crafty…making Easter Toilet paper! Now that I know what it is…Very cute!

  2. Sweet Little Smoothie says

    So stinkin cute! I don't know if I can handle the overwhelming cuteness of an entire farm of these adorable little tube animals!

  3. creativejewishmom/sara says

    love these Amanda, thanks so much for sharing all your tube animals on Craft Schooling Sunday!

  4. erin says

    So cute! I know a few kids that are going to love making these. I'll be sure to check your blog often for more ideas!

  5. RedTedArt says

    Oh and what a fab rooster! :-)) you have so many neat ideas!

    Thanks for linking to Kids Get Crafty!


  6. DebWestbury says

    You know the white one would be good for someone that has chickens in thier kitchen…sitting in the window….

  7. says

    Just got “roped” into doing a craft with my 8 yo. So of course we turned to Crafts by Amanda for inspiration. We just made a chicky and chicken with cardboard tubes. Fun, fun! I’ll post a picture on FB with a link when I get to take a decent picture. ;) We had to go dumpster diving in the big trash can for some cardboard tubes as I just threw out the trash yesterday. Made my son dive in the dumpster. ;)


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