Catching up

OK wow, I can’t believe I haven’t posted on here in three weeks! The time has really been getting away from me lately. I’ll start off with some pics from the 4th. We went to the Dells and stayed in the camper. I made Patriotic Cake Balls, picture below, and I put some of them on lollipop sticks. I inserted a stick into the balls and froze them on a plate for several hours. Then I took them out of the freezer and dipped them in the melted confectioner’s coating. Because the cake balls were frozen, the coating dried very quickly, keeping it from running down the sticks. I placed them in a floral foam block to dry. Got that idea from another blog out there somewhere.

Here are a couple other pictures from the 4th. TJ and Dominic enjoying the sparklers and Tony and Kristen earlier that day sitting around the camper. We were tossing the football around the lazy way… from chair to chair. LOL

I’ve made lots of crafts in the last few weeks, mostly for Kaboose so I can’t share them yet. :-P However, we did start a really fun Craft Club on FC that lots of members have joined. We made Potato Beads as our first project and everyone is starting to post their results. It’s been great! Anyone can join, you just have to be a registered member of the boards.

Here’s a pic of mine:

I’ll try hard to be more diligent about posting here! I hope to post some of the crafts I’ve done for Kaboose in the next day or so. Stay tuned!

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