Christmas Crafts

Wow, I’m sorry, I’ve totally neglected my craft blog. I’m afraid my cooking blog has just taken over :( So I’ll post some goodies of past crafts I’ve made, along with links to the instructions in case you are still looking for some fun Christmas crafts!

  • Light Bulb Angel Isn’t she Heavenly! Make this lovely angel from a burnt out light bulb, some lace scraps and a few silk flowers. Then hang her high upon your tree or in your doorway for all to see. Easy instructions and photo included with this craft.
  • Light Bulb Penguin This cute little fellow is all bundled up for those arctic winter mornings at the North Pole! Help this little cutie get warm and cozy by placing him in your lighted Christmas tree this year. The possibilities are endless for these fun and easy crafts, try one today! Easy instructions and photo included with this craft.
  • Light Bulb Snowman The lightbulb is used for many different ornaments! This project brings you a whimsical snowman all bundled up, ready for a cold winter’s day. Try this project today with scraps from around your house. Easy instructions and photo included with this craft.
  • Clay Pot Elf Santa’s helpers are busy making presents for all the good boys and girls. This little elf is no exception! It’s a tough job being Santa’s Head Elf, but someone has to do it! This little guy takes his job quite seriously.
  • Clay Pot Gingerbread Pals These gingerbread are too cute to eat! If you are looking for an easy holiday craft, this could very well be the answer you’ve been searching for.
  • Clay Pot Rudolph Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Had a Very Shiny Nose! This cute little reindeer will bring smiles all winter long. Make the matching snowman for a fun set to display this year.
  • Clay Pot Santa & Mrs. Claus Santa & Mrs. Claus are ready to bring joy to all the girls and boys. What a fun way to say Merry Christmas to your holiday host, your child’s teacher, or a member of your family.
  • Clay Pot Snowmen This darling snowman and snowwoman make the perfect couple. All bundled up for a cold winter’s day, and so easy, the kids can make then too!
  • Clay Pot Winter Friends Ice blue is the popular color for snowmen and winter scenes. These winter friends are looking cool in their ice blue outfits, just waiting for the ice rink to open!
  • Acorn Snowman This little fellow is perfect for hanging on the tree, or as a gift topper. Gather up your extra acorns and make a few today! Give away as gifts to teachers, neighbors, even the mail carrier!
  • Glass Ornament Snowmen Looking for a quick and easy dress up to those plain glass ornaments in your Christmas box? Or maybe you need a unique Christmas gift idea? Try these adorable snowmen on for size! Easy instructions and photo included with this craft.
  • Salt Dough Christmas Trees If you are looking for a fun project that doubles as a really cute decoration, try your hand at these salt dough Christmas trees. Easy to make, fun to decorate, and so many different possibilities!
  • Santa’s Clothesline When Santa gets home from his long trip around the world, his clothes are sure to be damp from tromping through the snow! So what does Santa do with those wet clothes? He hangs them on his clothesline of course! This craft makes a cute decoration, you can even drape it on the tree.
  • A Whimsical Wooden Santa This rosy-cheeked Santa Claus can be put together in less than an hour. These are wonderful accents for your dinner table or fireplace mantel.
  • Coffee Creamer Santa Ho Ho Ho! As Christmas quickly approaches, do you find yourself in need of some new decorations? Instead of running out and spending yet more money, look around your kitchen for the perfect holiday craft. Easy instructions and photo included with this craft.
  • No Sew Country Santa This Santa is a great addition to any wall, sitting next to the fireplace, or atop a shelf. He’s soft enough to cuddle too!
  • A Waste Not Snowman There are plenty of crafts you can make from items found around the house, or even those headed for the garbage can. This adorable snowman was created from a condiment bottle, fabric scraps, and lots of imagination. Easy instructions and photo included with this craft.
  • Adorable Snow Folks Create a group of carolers or a sleighful of happy winter friends with your mismatched children’s mittens, wooden balls, and lots of imagination. The sky is the limit! Easy instructions and photo included with this craft.
  • No Sew Plump Snowman This plump little snowman makes a great centerpiece, is easy to put together and makes a cuddly pal for the kids. With some very simple items you can put this craft together inexpensively and quickly. Easy instructions and photo included with this craft. Easy instructions and photo included with this craft.
  • A Snowball Fight Create this cute winter pal with your mismatched children’s gloves. Much like our Snow Folks, all you will need is gloves, wooden balls, and lots of imagination. Easy instructions and photo included with this craft.
  • Salt Dough Snow Family This cute little snow family is easy to bake up. Paint them white then have a ball adding the finishing touches. Be as creative and colorful as your heart desires.
  • Snow Place Like Home This adorable snowman can be painted onto any surface that you like. While we chose a glass jar as our medium, he would also look great on a wood plaque, papier mache box, or any other surface you can think of! This craft was designed for those with some experience in tole painting.
  • Snowballs For Sale This cute little entrepreneurial snowman makes a great addition to the fireplace mantel or the front entryway. A fun wintertime craft that recycles too!
  • Snowman Wall Hanging This cheerful snowman will greet visitors as they come in the door. Hang him on the door, in the entryway, above your kitchen counter, wherever his cheerful face fits best!
  • Sock Snowman This cute snowman is so easy, you’ll be able to throw several together in an afternoon! All you need are some tube socks and imagination.
  • Wood Scrap Snowmen If you have access to some small wood scraps, or perhaps a board you can cut up, you can make these cute little additions to your holiday shelves. But wait, don’t stop there! The creative possibilities of this craft are endless; try Santas, Christmas trees, reindeer, Nativity scenes, elves, and more!
  • Country Elegance Holiday Wreath The holidays are just around the corner and you aren’t looking forward to fighting the crowds at the mall for just a few decorations. Then dig out your fabric scraps and a grapevine wreath and you are on your way to country elegance. Easy instructions and photo included with this craft.
  • Ice Candle Centerpiece What a beautiful centerpiece. Your friends will be amazed at your craftiness and the compliments will keep coming as the night goes on. Be sure to make this a day or so ahead!
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