Conversation Marble Magnets for Valentine’s Day

I’m sure these could be a lot neater or fancier by printing out the lettering on your printer, but if you are looking for something that’s not only fast and easy but also kid friendly, this is the way to go. All you are going to need are some flat glass marbles, a black Sharpie and some pastel paper. These would make fun gifts for friends or even for a teacher!

Conversation Marble Magnets for Valentine’s Day
printable version

Flat glass marble magnets
Pastel card stock
Black fine point Sharpie
Mod Podge
Small magnets
Hot glue gun

Write conversation heart sayings on pastel paper, such as hug me, kiss me, be mine, bff, etc.

Place marble over the top and trace marble lightly with pencil.

Cut out circles, cutting the circle a little smaller than the tracing.

First paint some Mod Podge onto the flat side of the marble. Put the paper circle in place and paint Mod Podge over that as well. Leave the marble round side down to dry.

After it has dried, then attach magnets to the back of the marbles using hot glue.

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  1. LaRee says

    way too soon to say the V word….. haven't you seen all those posts about everyone hating how valentines products are on the store shelves already?

  2. Amanda says

    Hi LaRee :) There are lots of teachers, daycare providers and homeschoolers who plan their ideas well in advance. Having Valentine projects early like this are a blessing to them. It's fine if you don't want to see them, but there are always others who do. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Lori says

    I love this! My kids and I will have time to do them this week – happily, I'm off this week, too. Thanks for a very simple but gratifying idea!

  4. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    What a great little craft project, Amanda! I saved a picture of a Valentine piece I saw the other day online, so that I could try and do it on my own {so easy to do and not spend $30.00 like the store wanted}. I can't wait to do it and I've got other Valentine's ideas floating around my brain to try out. I think sometimes you have to start things early enough in case it doesn't work out {at least, that's how I look at it}.

  5. Katrina says

    What a fun idea. I love getting ideas of what to do early, even if I don't do them until February, the things I liked stick in my mind until it's time to do them.

  6. Beverly @ says

    Love these magnets Amanda!! With as busy as things are around here – I love projects that are ahead of the holiday – I don't have time to do them close to the actual day. Thanks so much!!

  7. Holly says

    This is fabulous! I need to get a jump start…I kept saying to myself "Christmas is weeks away I have time"…and the I ran out of time. Thanks for the reminder that Valentines is not far away!

  8. girlichef says

    So cute! What a fun idea for any time of the year. As far as I'm concerned, it's never too early to start thinking about any particular holiday or time of the year…they bite me in the arse before I know. Every. Time ;)

  9. Missy says

    Love it! So easy and versatile. We have magnetic dry erase boards in our classrooms, and I can tailor these to my subject matter. I have always wanted to make my own magnets, but nothing hit me that was either simple enough, or not too distracting to be on my boards. Thanks!

  10. Mod Podge Amy says

    Love these – I already have people asking me for Valentine's ideas, so this is perfect. Crafting is different than buying something pre-made off of the shelf. You gotta start early. . .

  11. Rachael@Lovely Crafty Home says

    Love these!! Great for Valentine's Day :) I'm starting a new linky party on Friday and hope you will stop by!

  12. littlewondersdays says

    Cute idea! You could do your own magnetic poetry set… When my oldest was learning to read, we would leave notes to each other using the set.

  13. Lynn says

    You can post tutorials for whatever holiday you want anytime you want as far as I'm concerned. :) I like ideas anytime of the year.

    I just found your blog on Craft Gossip. Consider yourself bookmarked. :)

  14. maggy, red ted art says

    How funny, was only just "eyeing up" these fab magnets today and hey presto you appear on Kids Get Crafty!! Thank you for linking up! I do love the magnets. They look so effective ANY time of year, but definitely lovely to use them for valentines!!


    Thanks again for linking up!


  15. Purple Froggie Clay Stuff says

    Awesome! Can't wait to make a few of them myself.

    New follower on GFC, Stop by and see me sometime if you get a chance.


  16. Christina Reed says

    My sister and I are planning on making these this weekend. They look so simple and so cute! What kind of magnets did you use for these?
    Thanks in advance!

  17. Christina Reed says

    I thought you might have used the round magnets, so I went ahead and purchased some. They look like the above link. Thanks! I saw some really cute Valentine's Day stickers. I wonder if these would work? Have you used stickers? Thanks!

  18. Amanda says

    Hi Christina :) I haven't used stickers, however since the stickers are most likely sticky on the plain side, you would still have to Mod Podge them on. Otherwise your design will be on the wrong side. :( Leave the backing on and Mod Podge the sticker to the back of the marble, should work just like paper.

    On second thought, I wonder if the backing will be too slick for the magnet to stick to? You might want to actually peel the backing off the stickers, stick them to plain white paper, then cut them out and Mod Podge them on. The magnet will most likely adhere better to the plain paper. :)

    Hope that made sense! I tend to type as the thoughts are flowing from my brain LOL :)

  19. LaRee says

    I'm sorry about the negative comment. I was having holiday overload with all the christmas and new years etc and was really looking forward to something crafty that wasn't holiday-ish that didn't have a deadline and all that :) I really appreciate your site and this is an excellent project for anytime really.

  20. Amanda says

    Aww thanks LaRee! That's so nice of you to say :) i understand completely about holiday overload. So I can totally see how this could have triggered your reaction :) I was sick as a dog the 2-3 before Christmas and was totally wiped out with the stomach flu. Not fun. So on Christmas Day after all the dust from wrapping paper settled, I felt like crafting. This just happened to be the project I whipped up :) No harm done, thanks for coming, and I mean that :)

  21. Christina Reed says

    It's me again, Amanda. :) My sister and I worked on this project over the weekend. I have to say mine didn't turn out as nicely as yours. In fact, when I put my marbles on the fridge the paper fell off them. Is there a trick to using Mod Podge? This is the first time that I've used this product, so maybe I'm not using it correctly. When putting these marbles together, I applied the Mod Podge tothe marble itself then put the paper on top of it. When my paper fell off the marbles, I fixed them by putting the Mod Podge on the marble and on the back of the paper. I also, didn't realize that there are different kinds of Mod Podge besides Gloss and Matte. The Mod Podge I used for the marbles was the Gloss Mod Podge. Thanks in advance for all your help.

  22. Amanda says

    See, there I go assuming that everyone knows how to use Mod Podge, I will fix the instructions, sorry!

    First paint some Mod Podge onto the flat side of the marble. Put the paper circle in place and paint Mod Podge over that as well. Leave the marble round side down to dry. After it has dried, then attach the magnet.

    The gloss Mod Podge should have been fine. Sorry about that!

  23. ~*~Ash~*~ says

    Just found your blog from another teacher who loved this idea!
    I received some of these from my room mom last year (mine were Halloween themed). I. LOVE. THEM. Seriously.
    She used the super amazing heavy duty magnets that actually work- I love them so much I keep them up all year round! Probably the best practical gift I have received as a teacher. Also, her name was Amanda… I see a pattern: Amanda=cutesy, crafty amazingness.

    I'm officially your newest follower! :D

  24. Melle John says

    Hello. I have used your pebble magnets idea and made some up to sell for St Clairs Hospice, which is local to me. I have them for auction on ebay, so I hope they go well. They're so cute. I've a blog where I'm making stuff and auctioning it. It's at And I have put a link to your page. Thanks! Melle ;o)

  25. Candice says

    I can’t wait to do this with my 4 year old! We are going to do it for Christmas and cut out paper with snowflakes, santa’s head, etc for my daughter to give as Christmas presents. Thanks for the idea!

  26. Karen Howard says

    These are so cute & inexpensive.Could really write Anything on card stock-& that makes them versatile for anytime & other Holidays! Thanks.

  27. Catherine Regala Gavino says

    I will definitely try this.I have lots of those marbles and this is a good way to make them more decorative than the plain ones:)Thanks Ms. Amanda.


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