Craft Foam Sewing Cards

Make your own Craft Foam Sewing Cards! @amandaformaro

Sewing cards are a great way to get little ones started on the fundamentals of needlework. It’s also a fun way to pass the time for a child home sick from school suffering from boredom. These are also great for traveling, keep them stored in a box or plastic zipper bag.

Make your own Craft Foam Sewing Cards! @amandaformaro

You can make your own shapes, buy big sheets of craft foam and cut out simple squares, or purchase precut foam from the craft store. Embroidery thread works great, but yarn will work too. Child sized sewing needles are available at discount department stores such as WalMart, and at all craft supply stores.

Make your own Craft Foam Sewing Cards! @amandaformaro

To make these, once you have your foam shapes picked out, create connect-the-dot designs with a toothpick.

Make your own Craft Foam Sewing Cards! @amandaformaro

Use a child safe sewing needle threaded with embroidery floss to create designs. You can also use markers to decorate!


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    This is such a great idea! My daughter is 5 and has been playing around with sewing on plastic mesh, but this would be much easier for her and more fun. Plus I already have all the supplies at home. :) Thank you!

  2. says

    I enjoy your variety for both the children & adults. I do fund raising for cancer concern’s for chldren to help fill their craft cupboards for projects some can do while they are getting chemo etc.
    I need your help finding the plastic needles as they cannot have sharp
    metal of any kind. In our area I have contacted many stores & most say they no longer carry them or don’t have a resource to be purchased.I am determined to find a solution.
    Thank you for your sharing wonderful projects that I may share with the children that are safe, simple and cheap!
    Best regards,
    Shirley Guest
    P. S
    I have also put out a SOS to people in our area that no longer sew to check their sewing baskets.


  1. […] My daughter is right at the age where she absolutely loves anything that has to do with sewing. Often times, I fear that she is too young to use the sharp needles or do intricate sewing projects. I feel like these foam sewing cards would be the perfect compromise. She can use the plastic needle and embroidery thread which will give her confidence. To find this great idea, head on over to our CG Home and Garden Editor’s personal site, Crafts by Amanda! […]

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