Craft Stick Spring Birds

Ohhh so cute and colorful! These craft stick spring birds from Crafts by Amanda are a great craft for this weekend. :)

It’s spring. Well, according to the calendar it is, but it was snowing in southeast Wisconsin this morning. Someone needs to tell Mother Nature that she’s late. I need more color in my life after months and months of white snow, so these craft stick spring birds were just the ticket.

Cuuuuute! Craft stick spring birds from Crafts by Amanda - this will be great for our spring unit.

I think someone needs to invent a feather dispenser. That way you could get one feather at a time, rather than reaching into your feather container or bag and having ten more fly around the room. Haha. But until then, I’ll just continue my love/hate relationship with the feather, because they truly add a lot of fun to a craft.

Head over to Kix Cereal for my tutorial so you can make these Craft Stick Spring Birds with your kids.

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