Decorative Framed Map

I’ve seen some pretty cool looking frames around the blog world lately. Taking an old frame and turning it into something new is something I love to do, but never seem to have the time anymore. I have noticed that a lot of crafters are using vinyl lettering to dress up their projects. Those vinyl letters are truly awesome, but I didn’t have any… so I improvised. I used several items from around the house in order to make my own letters. Here’s how to make your own.

Decorative Framed Map
printable version

an old cheap 8×10 frame, missing the glass
page out of a road atlas
a strip of burlap
a brown paper grocery bag
thick piece of cardboard
craft knife
black paint

glue stick
white craft glue
font file (or type your own letters in Word, I used the “Angelina” font)

Measure the inside of the frame, then cut your cardboard just slightly smaller than that (by about a centimeter). Decide where you want your map positioned, then use a glue stick to attach the cardboard to the back of it.

Turn it over and smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles, making sure your map surface is nice and flat. Turn it back over and glue the excess map to the back of the cardboard.


Paint the frame with a coat or two of black acrylic craft paint and let it dry.

When dry, spray it with an acrylic sealer, gloss or matte, whatever you prefer. You can even use a little bit of white glue mixed with water to add a coat of sealant.

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In order to make the letters, paint a section of the brown grocery bag with black paint. Print out the font file and use a black sharpie marker to trace around the letters, making them bigger.

Next, position it over the top of the black section of the bag and trace around the letters using a pen.

The indentations will carry through to the bag. Carefully cut the letters out, use a craft knife to get the center of the letters “a” and “o”.

Cut a 7″x2″ strip of brown paper bag and a 6″ x 2″ strip of burlap. Trim the burlap to fit onto the bag strip, pull a bit of the threads out to tatter it a bit. Set at least one long burlap thread aside. Line the bag strip with white craft glue and smooth it with your finger. Attach the burlap to the bag strip. Spread white craft glue onto the back of the letter “v” and press onto the burlap. Repeat for all the letters. Attach the completed strip to the map with white craft glue.
Insert the completed map into the frame. Tie one of the spare burlap threads into a small bow. Trim the ends and glue to the bottom right corner of the frame.
© Copyright Amanda Formaro

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  1. CC says

    It's beautiful Amanda. I love it and I've been looking at some of your other craft ideas and older posts..great goodness!!! You are so talented. Everything you create is just as sweet and pretty as can be. In one of your older posts,I was looking at the North Woods Christmas ornaments you made for your friend. This is my dil's favorite look. She would love,love,love these. I thought of her when I saw them.
    I didn't mean to write a novel to you..I just wanted you to know how much I'm liking your crafts and your pretty blog. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  2. Creative Decor by Brooke says

    I love how simple that is. You could do one for every vacation you go on and hang them in and office or somewhere. Love it!

  3. FrouFrouBritches says

    What a great idea! That is really cute! I don't have cricut so I don't have vinyl letters either. Great way to use what ya got!

  4. Lanie Ree says

    This is so cute! My husband is a little bit obsessed with maps. I see this in our future…

    Thank you for linking this to A Little Craft Therapy with Life in the Pitts.

  5. Amanda says

    Thank you CC! You are so sweet to say all of that ;) My friend adored those ornaments, and I loved making them!

    Thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments! :)

  6. Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden says

    You're so creative. I love the idea of preserving a vacation memory this way!

    Thanks for linking up to Make it Yours day at My Backyard Eden!

  7. Lori says

    This turned out great!

    Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thursday. Please join me next week for another great party. Don’t forget to stop by and enter my giveaway. I’ll announce the winner at next weeks party!

  8. Andy Porter says

    That's cute! I like the idea of having maps for decoration. I like the vacation embellishment!

    Thanks for linking to CC!

  9. Laura says

    This looks so great. I'd love to try it!

    I'm featuring a necklace tutorial and giveaway. I'd love it if you stopped by my blog!

  10. Jessica Hills says

    This gives me so many ideas! I love doing things with maps! Thanks so much for linking to Favorite Things Friday!

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