Eat Jars – a kitchen craft

I have been busy creating new projects to display in my kitchen. In fact, yesterday I was thinking I better slow down or I could end up with it being too cluttered! Ha! You might remember my Distressed Eat Sign that I made back in November. Well I had these little spice jars sitting in my “to create a project” cabinet, and so these eat jars were born.

I used Gloss Enamels from DecoArt for this project, but you could use regular acrylics since you won’t be continuously washing them or placing them in the dishwasher.

Supply list:

3 empty glass jars with lids
rubbing alcohol
DecoArt gloss enamels in Burnt Sienna, Dark Chocolate, Honey Brown and White
Krylon satin black spray paint
Black or white transfer paper
Rustic looking fabric scraps
3 acorn tops (or buttons)
Hot glue gun

Wash the jars, then wipe them down with rubbing alcohol. Paint the top rim of the jar and around the bottom.

Then paint the rest of the jar.

Set the jars aside to dry. Meanwhile, spray the jar lids with black spray paint.

After the jars are dry to the touch, choose a favorite font (I used Saginaw Medium) and print off the letters e a t. Resize until they fit your jars then cut them out. Trace the letters onto the jars using graphite transfer paper.

Using a thin liner brush and white gloss enamel paint, trace over the transferred letter.

ANOTHER CRAFTY IDEA >>  3D Botanical Mini Canvases

At this point, you can wait 48 hours then bake the jars in a low temp oven to set the paint. Mine were just going on a shelf and will not be disturbed, so the other option of air drying for 21 days is what I chose. Therefore, I could move forward with adding my bows.

Cut material into 1/2″ wide strips, fraying the edges by pulling out some of the threads. Tie around the neck of the jar, be sure that the knot is centered above the letter. Trim the ends if needed and fray.

Put the lids on the jars after tying all the fabric. Hot glue an acorn top (or a button) to the center of the knot.




  1. The Shanty Girl says

    These are very nice. I did read you post about your eat sign and I am drooling over that one! Very nice work! Nice to meet you!

  2. Red Hill General Store says

    These are adorable. It is truly amazing the type of things you can make from stuff that a lot of people consider junk or trash. Jars and bottles can make such neat decor. Love them!

  3. Mrs Ergül says

    Hi Amanda, the photos in this post are not showing up. I will really love to see you what you have done with the jars. Hope you are able to relink the images. Thank you!!

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