Egg Monster

egg monster

I’m a monster freak. I love how cute they are, and coming up with different faces, expressions and body shapes is all part of the fun. With Halloween right around the corner, my monster creativity is really in high gear, but monsters aren’t just for Halloween. Boys love monsters any time of year, so why not make one of these little cuties?

This particular project is one I made for Michael’s Craft Store though my DecoArt designer gig. DecoArt has this cool new product called MagiKote. It adds a layer on top of Styrofoam that allows you to sand and paint it without little flakes of Styrofoam flying everywhere. Genius!

MagiKote does require 2-3 hours dry time between coats, so make sure you plan for that if you decide to make this project.

I used a cardboard egg carton as a stand to hold the foam pieces.

After sanding the dry surface, you’ll be able paint the pieces…

After everything is dry you can assemble your monster. The great thing about MagiKote is while it does provide a solid surface to paint on, you can still easily poke a pin or toothpick through it. Have fun!

Egg Monster


  1. Cut two 1-inch Styrofoam balls in half. Save one of the halves for another project, you will need three halves for your monster.
  2. Paint the egg and all three ball-halves with Magikote. A total of three coats is ideal.
  3. When completely dry, sand the Styrofoam pieces lightly to smooth out the Magikote. Dust off with a soft brush.
  4. Paint the egg with two coats of Americana Cherry Red.
  5. Paint two of the ball-halves with Americana Black.
  6. Paint the third ball half with Americana White. When dry, use a flat paintbrush and Americana Sour Apple to paint a circle onto the white ball to create the iris. When dry, use the handle end of your paintbrush dipped in Americana Black to add the pupil.
  7. Use the handle end of a paintbrush dipped in Americana Purple Wave to add polka dots to the red egg.
  8. Use a flat paintbrush with Americana White to add the fangs and a liner with Americana Black to add the mouth.
  9. Use a black marker to draw on the eyebrow.
  10. Cut a toothpick in half. Line up the black feet with the bottom of the red egg. Poke a toothpick into the bottom of the red egg where you want the feet to go. Insert the toothpick almost all the way in, then remove it. Insert the pointed end of the toothpick into the round side of the black foot. Add some white craft glue to the toothpick at the base of the foot then insert the toothpick into the hole you created in the red egg. Repeat for the other foot.
  11. Cut second toothpick in half (you only need one half) and repeat the process for the eye that you did for the feet.
  12. Add a coat of Duraclear Matte Varnish to the entire monster.
  13. Cut the orange skinny chenille stem into four equal pieces. Insert two into each side of the monster and bend into arms.
  14. Cut orange yarn into 4 pieces approximately 2" in length. Use the extra toothpick half to poke a hole in the top of the monster’s head. Add a dot of glue to the hole, then place the yarn over the hole at the halfway point. Using the toothpick, push the center of the yarn into the hole. This will cause the yarn to double and stand up. Repeat for the other pieces.
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Use an empty cardboard egg carton placed upside down to hold your Styrofoam pieces as they dry. Be sure to plan ahead for this project. Magikote require 2-3 hours dry time between coats.


egg monster


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