Fall Crafts and Pumpkin & Eyeball Cake Balls!

This week I’ve been working on adding new fall crafts and recipes for kids. I asked Tami to make some fun cake balls for the season, pumpkins (below) and spooky eyeballs! They are fabulous as usual. I hope to have an FC newsletter out on Tuesday, but I have a lot more crafts to make for Kaboose too. Next I’m working on Christmas, Hannukah and winter crafts for them. I have quite a few projects to do!

Tomorrow I will be posting the recipe for Chocolate Orange Cake that I made today. It was absolutely delicious! I promise to shoot and pic and post it tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek at what’s been recently added to FC for fall, as well as some time tested favorites.

Pumpkin Cake Balls (pictured at right) – Dressed in bright orange and green, these little pumpkins will look charming decorating a party table. Add an icing face to them and they’ll turn into jack o’ lanterns, making them a irresistible favors for your Halloween party guests.

Plastic Cup Crow – So many scarecrow crafts, but what about the crows? As autumn rolls in and farmers work on their harvest, the crows will be looking for free goodies. Make this cute little crow to celebrate fall!

Coffee Filter Sunflowers – Some of my favorite crafts are ones created with items that are often found around the house. This big, beautiful sunflower is a great example. All you need are coffee filters, crayons, scissors and a glue stick!

Bottle Pumpkin – Kids will love putting these super easy pumpkins together. Make a whole bunch of them to decorate for a Halloween party or to set out on the porch! This makes a fun classroom or party project.

Bug Village – Here’s a great craft for almost NO money! All you need are a few sticks, some acorn tops, rocks, and imagination! These darling little critters have a home of their own in this cute craft.

Craft Stick Fall Tree – This simple craft is a great way to celebrate the coming of fall, even for the younger set. No patterns are required, just sticks, foam or felt and a little imagination.

Football Star Shirt – Is your child a budding football star? Maybe you have big football fans in your family? This shirt is an ideal gift and a really fun project for game day. Whether a fan or a player, your kids will love it!

Paper Bag Tree – Grab a brown paper lunch bag and some Autumn colored tissue paper to make this easy and fun tree that appears to be blowing in the wind. A fun craft to make with your children this Fall season.

Salt Dough Football – It’s football season! Here’s a fun craft to keep your kids busy during the game. Make this fun mini football into a magnet for the fridge or even a good luck charm for watching the game!

Salt Dough Pumpkin Patch – Salt dough is a great medium for fun and creative crafting. Take this sparkly pumpkin patch for instance! Salt dough recipes aren’t just for kids. Make these fun and festive pumpkins this Fall for your holiday decorating.


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  1. Kelly Glenn says

    Thank you for the nice comment! I appreciate your encouragement, but it’s really people like Pastor jeony who started the school and work there full time that are doing the real work. And God deserves all the credit! But thank you, and best of luck with your crafts! Maybe I will try them out sometime!

  2. shweetpotato says

    Ohhh how cute they all are, what great ideas, I wish my kids were still little so I could make some fun stuff like that :D That chicken up there looks DELICIOUS!! YUMMO, Carm

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