Football crafts!

So it’s Monday night and I am watching “Jet Favre” play against the San Diego Chargers and it’s been a pretty exciting game… and I’m not a fan of either one! LOL I’m a Bears fan through and through, but I do love watching the game either way.

That got me thinking about some of the fun football crafts I’ve made over the last few years. The one you see pictured here was actually a birthday present for TJ’s friend Bruce (TJ is my son modeling the shirt). I’ve included the instructions below. Look at the end for a few other fun football crafts too!

Football Star Shirt
by Amanda Formaro

What You Need:

cardboard, enough to fill inside of shirt
football foam stamp
star shaped foam stamps, at least 1, we used 3
alphabet foam stamps
paint brush
Tulip glitter gold paint
Tulip Extreme paint, Lunar Eclipse and Confetti Blue

fabric paint: brown, black, blue, light blue


acrylic paint in same colors and
textile medium

What you do

Lay shirt flat on work surface. Insert cardboard inside the shirt.

If you are using fabric paint, continue to the next step. If you don’t have fabric paint, textile medium can be added to acrylic paint to create the same effect. Mix together 1 part textile medium to 2 parts acrylic paint.

NOTE: You can change the colors used for this shirt to match your favorite team colors. We used black and blue as they were the child’s favorite colors.

There is no pattern for this shirt, use the photo as a guide.

Using football stamp first, paint the stamp brown. Use a generous amount of paint, without it dripping off the stamp.

Carefully press the stamp onto the shirt, starting at the lower left and curving upward toward the right armpit. You will need to reapply the paint for each football impression. Don’t press too hard, just enough pressure to be sure that all the paint goes onto the shirt. Carefully remove the stamp by lifting straight up into the air.

Next, use the alphabet stamps to write the child’s name at the top. Place unpainted stamps in place. Once you have them positioned where you want them, begin painting and stamping with blue paint.

Use blue paint and stamp the words “Football Star” underneath the footballs.

Position the star stamps on the shirt. When you are happy with their position, paint and stamp. We did two black and two light blue.

Use Tulip gold glitter paint (comes in a tube) to carefully outline the letters of the child’s name. Use glitter gold paint to outline one of the black stars as well.

Use Tulip Confetti Blue to outline the other black star and Lunar Eclipse to outline the two blue stars.

Allow to dry completely, overnight is best.

Caring for your shirt: For the longest life of your design, we recommend washing inside out in cold water. Drying takes its toll on paint, so for the longest life, hang to dry.

Have fun!

Here’s a few more football crafts:

I made these for
Salt Dough Football
Good Sport Foam Football – Very simple and good for little kids

These are on my cooking blog, Amanda’s Cookin’
Football jersey cookies
Football brownies and gingerbread cookies

I made these for Kaboose:
Game Day Door Hanger
Keep Score Chalkboard
Team Spirit Pins

Have any football crafts to share?

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  1. RedTedArt says

    Oh my, what a great boy's t-shirt! Love it! Great to be able to make something with the boys too!!

    Fabulous. Looks so professional!

    Thanks for linking (this and the halloween crafts) to Kids Get Crafty!!

    See you again soon, I hope!



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