Glitter Flower Power Chalkboard

Glittery flower power chalkboard -

Girls love glitter, there’s no arguing that fact! As your daughter gets ready to head back to school, help her decorate her homework space with this fun glittery flower power chalkboard. She can keep notes, write down assignment due dates, or just have fun with it. Glitter, flowers, and a chalkboard. What more do you need?

chalk markers

On this chalkboard I actually wrote with chalk markers. I absolutely love these, they are smooth and easier to handle. They aren’t messy like chalk can be and they wipe right off the board with a damp cloth.

michaels-flyer with project :)

I originally made this project for Michael’s Craft Stores via DecoArt. If you get the Michael’s sale flyer, this project was in there this week :)

chalkboard and glitter paint

Start out by purchasing a simple chalkboard available at your local craft store. Michael’s carries them, that’s where I bought mine. You’ll also need some Craft Smart glitter paint. The colors I used were Fuchsia, Green, Orange, Crystal and Blue.

steps for glitter flower power chalkboard

Most of the painting on this project is done with the handle end of the paintbrush instead of the bristles. Just dot and draw by dipping the handle in the paint. Same thing goes for the dot trails, change colors after a while. You will use the liner brush to add simple grass blades. Then again, dot on the centers of the small flowers and then their petals.

flower power glitter chalkboard for girls CraftsbyAmanda.comHave fun!

Glitter Flower Power Chalkboard


  • Rectangle chalkboard
  • Flat paintbrush
  • Liner paintbrush
Craft Smart Glitter Paint
  • Fuschia
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Crystal
  • Blue
  1. Use the handle end of your paintbrush dipped in Crystal glitter paint to dot on flower centers for the large flowers. One in the upper left corner, one in the upper right corner an inch or so lower than the one on the left, and the third one on the left, above an inch lower than the one of the right.
  2. Use the handle end of the paintbrush dipped in glitter paint to draw on the petals of each flower, one each in Fuschia, Orange and Blue.
  3. Use the handle end of the linter paintbrush to make a dotted trail that leads from one flower to the next. Twirl and swirl the trail, changing colors halfway between each flower. The trail should lead all the way down both sides of the chalkboard ending at the bottom.
  4. Use the handle end of the liner paintbrush to dot on Crystal centers for the small flowers along the bottom of the board. Dot on at various heights.
  5. Use the same brush, handle end, to dot on the petals of the small flowers, using all three colors of glitter paint as you did with the larger flowers.
  6. Use the liner brush to add grass blades using the Lime Green glitter paint and long strokes.
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  1. Claudia says

    This looks great. I’m keen to try something similar for my kids and i to use. Much nicer than our plain office-like rectangular whiteboard.


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