Halloween Eyeball Pin

I know I seem to be blasting everyone with Halloween crafts today, but I just realized the big day is is this weekend and I don’t have all these posted yet! So many ideas, so little time. :-/ These fun eyeball pins make great gifts for friends, teachers, or Halloween party guests. Make a whole bunch at once and hand out at the door as guests arrive.

To simplify things, use those round sponge stampers to add the eyeball instead of having to freehand it. I’m a freehand kind of gal, so I often have to remind myself to include those types of tips. After painting my wood circle white and letting it dry, I used a Sharpie to draw the center circle which I then filled with blue paint.

Eyeball Pins

you will need

2″ wood circle
acrylic craft paint: white, black, blue, red
toothpick or red thin tip marker
black Sharpie marker
acrylic sealer or glaze
pin backing
white craft glue or hot glue

What you do

Paint the wood circle white and let it dry.

Use Sharpie to draw a circle in the center then paint that blue, leaving the black outline around the blue. Paint a small black circle in the center of the blue one. Paint (with a toothpick dipped in red paint) bloodshot lines, or use a red thin tipped marker. Let everything dry and spray it with sealer. After the sealer has dried, glue the pin back to the back of the eyeball.

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