Halloween Painted Pumpkin Jar

I don’t know why, but I started nosing around an old section I have on FC where I used to sell my hand painted jars and the patterns for them. I haven’t looked at it in ages, some of the designs I had completely forgotten about! The halloween jar at right is just one of the few that I really loved. I haven’t painted in so long, kid’s crafts seems to be all I have time for now. I’ve probably forgotten how. :( I need to get back into it, but when do you find the time? Maybe some day.

Meanwhile, if you would like to take a peek at some of my work from days gone by, you can see it here.

Till tomorrow :)

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  1. KKL-Neenee says

    Hi Amanda – thanks so much for visiting my blog and your comments on the sunflowers. :)

    Just love the jars you’ve painted – beautiful work!


  2. Amanda says

    Thank you Amber and NeeNee! I haven’t painted in a while and am starting to get the itch again. I have been so busy doing kid’s crafts for Kaboose and other sites that I rarely have time for anything else!

  3. Rita @ TesoroFino.com says

    I love this jar you painted! I just adore painting on glass. It goes on so smooth and I like the final look of it. Great Job!

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