Lake Delton storms

So we hauled our new camper up to our seasonal spot at a campground in Wisconsin Dells last weekend. Little did we know we would spend most of our time sopping wet, trudging back and forth through high water and camping out in the public bathroom as it was the safest structure around. It was pretty gnarly, the kids were scared and my husband was fascinated. Though I felt robbed of my weekend it felt good to head home to a dry house. I took some photos and a short video on the way home that showed the storm as we basically followed it south.

We considered ourselves very lucky. After all I am sure you heard about the flooding in Lake Delton, well actually OF Lake Delton. The dam in town (about 5 or so miles from us) broke and Lake Delton emptied into the River, washing a house completely away and catastrophically damaging others

Here’s some pics too from the same area (Janesville) about an hour south:

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