Lighthouse & Sailboat painting

I almost forgot about this last remnant from the store. This was a pattern I found in one of Judy’s books. Judy is a friend of mine who also paints. We paint similar items but we paint in different styles. She’s a “by the pattern” type painter while I am a “willy nilly” painter. I follow patterns, but I tend to blend and change things to my liking. Judy prefers to follow a pattern and paint things exactly as they say. Nothing wrong with either way! :) In fact I’m going to share some of the Judy’s work with you below.

When I had my store, Judy would work there a couple times a week and in return I didn’t charge her any rent space for her displays. She is the ideal pattern book painter. Everything looks perfect and she can make 20 of the same pattern and they will all look the same. Mine never come out the same LOL! I always admired that about Judy, how she could paint things so perfectly. She used to always tell me how she wished she could come up with patterns like I could, so we decided to combine two talents. I created patterns and she painted them. Here are a few examples of my creations painted my my friend Judy.

Now THIS one I did not design. The pattern came from a book and Judy painted these on tin ceiling tiles. Isn’t it fabulous?? She sold it for $20. I should have bought it!

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  1. Peachy Cheek says

    Hey, Thanks for stopping by Peachy Cheek. I love the leaf mats as well. I am going to do some white and silver ones for Christmas.

    I really like your paintings!!! The Marblehead one is beautiful. I can understand why you would want to let it go. I have a few pieces I cant let go. Now I am painting pieces knowing they have to go:)

  2. Amanda says

    Thanks everyone! I just talked to Judy yesterday and she isn’t painting much either. She’s been working a lot. We’ve vowed to try and get together 2 times per month and do some sort of painting :)

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