Little Angel Jars

Holy moly, my cooking blog gets all the attention and I don’t get over here enough! I thought I would post these cute little angel jars. When I had my store I used to take orders and paint these for aunts, grandmas, and for women attending baby showers. They were a great personalized gift and were pretty popular.

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  1. Karen says

    Amanda….these are just adorable!
    I can relate to the ‘neglect’ issue….it’s difficult to juggle sometimes.
    I do love this site thought…I gave my daughter in-law the link to it.

  2. Janis says

    I love these jars. I am not good at this kind of stuff but if there is a pattern with instructions I would like to try them. If you can email me the instructions that would be great.

    seastar1j/ Janis

  3. Melissa Warner says

    I have a request for your angel jar. I am a mom to two angles, Erik and Payton I belong to a group of grieving mothers. We have a gift exchange coming up for mothers day. I was wondering if you would make a special jar for the mother I have she has two angels also. I can get their names and if you could we all have different things that remind us of our babies could you paint those on the jar as well?

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