Make Your Own Light Box

Make a Light Box for your kids! @amandaformaro Crafts by Amanda

Today I’m posting over at and showing you just how incredibly easy it is to make a light box! I’m actually really excited that I have this now because it’s not just for kids. I can use this to draw patterns on for you guys. :) Normally I use my office window. Ha! So head over to Kix and get the tutorial for this DIY Light Box for Kids.

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  1. Maria G. says

    Yes, I also think it’s a good idea that can make curious and interested not only children, but also majority adults (I’m not kidding here). I have a very nice inspiring example how to spend time on weekend usefully. Ok, as you said, I’, heading to the link you gave and hope to see how you can easily and quickly (I hope so) make little miracles with your own hands.

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