Make Your Own Holiday Tableware

Make Your Own Holiday Tableware

I love hitting the thrift stores. I’ll often pick up plain plates to use in my recipe photos on my cooking blog. However, using the same plates over and over again can get old, so repurposing them into holiday tableware seemed like an ideal solution. I pulled out a red plate a friend gave me last year, and found a couple of plain white coffee mugs at the second hand store. I paired those with some saucers I already had and came up with these festive designs.

Make Your Own Holiday Tableware

Make Your Own Holiday TablewareThe Martha Stewart decorative paint line has new stencils and an entirely cool line of multi-surface paints in a variety of finishes. On this tableware, I used the pearl finish paint, the glitters and the metallics along with a combination of holiday stencils.

Make Your Own Holiday TablewareI started with the plain white coffee mugs I found at the thrift store. I chose a large snowflake stencil and cut it away from the stencil sheet.

Make Your Own Holiday TablewareI used the stencil adhesive because I needed to use the snowflake on a curved surface. You spray the back of the stencil and let it dry. The back of the stencil should be tacky but not wet. Press it onto the surface.

Make Your Own Holiday TablewareSecure the edges of the stencil with painter’s tape. This also gives you some padding so you don’t paint outside the stencil area. Use your stencil sponge or brush to dab on your paint.

Make Your Own Holiday TablewareThe new line of stencils includes this smaller set of self adhesive stencils. I think EVERY stencil in the world should be self adhesive! Just sayin’. These self adhesive stencils work perfectly on rounded surfaces, see the edge of the plate?

Make Your Own Holiday TablewareI also used self adhesive stencils on the red plate, see those cute little gingerbread men? I had been using a Q-Tip dipped water to clean off any boo boos I made. So I removed all the cotton from the end and used it to add the copper dots between the silver and gold gingerbread men. I used a toothpick to add white pearl dots for their buttons. I also used a toothpick to add dots from the gingerbread hands to the copper dots, connecting them all like garland. The Merry Christmas phrase is also a self adhesive stencil. I love those!

Make Your Own Holiday TablewareBecause you’ll want to be able to wash and reuse these, allow the paint to cure for 21 days before washing.

Make Your Own Holiday TablewareI’m partial to the pearl snowflakes in two shades of blue and green on the white tableware.

Make Your Own Holiday TablewareThough the glittery color of the holly berries and the reindeer with Rudolph noses makes me smile.

Make Your Own Holiday TablewareThe red plate was my least favorite at first… but I kept playing with it, adding tiny dots and details until it made me smile too.

Make Your Own Holiday TablewareI love the way they all came out and plan to make more to give as gifts this year!

Make Your Own Holiday TablewareHope you liked them too :)

Make Your Own Holiday Tableware

Make Your Own Holiday TablewareMake Your Own Holiday Tableware

Make Your Own Holiday Tableware

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  1. says

    I have no words for how beautiful and impressive these dishes are! Just a big WOW for me! I would be proud to put these on my table, too. And I NEVER buy a Christmas dish, plate, mug because they are just so expensive for one month/week/day out of the year. These are incredible. Great job!

  2. Jenny says

    These are just gorgeous – the snowflakes are amazing! Do the stencils also come in individual letters as opposed to just phrases like “Merry Christmas”? I’m thinking it would be fun to personalize a plate as a gift…something like “Mom’s Cookies,” or just a name on a mug. Thanks for the wonderful (and frugal) idea!

    • Amanda Formaro says

      Yes, there are some individual letters. They are a different font though. There’s a link to my bird feeder in the post above, check that out, it uses the individual letter stencils :)

  3. Ji says

    What type of sealant do you use on your plates/cups, so they are non-toxic? I want to make some Christmas crafts using Christmas cards and dinner plates, so you can serve goodies on them. What would I use as a sealant? Much thanks!

    • says

      Your best bet is to use clear glass plates and decoupage the cards on the bottom of the plate so that the design shows through the front. There are no products out there that are certified food safe. That’s why the designs on my plates are along the rims, not on the actual plate center itself.


  1. […] Today I’m tooting my own horn, but gosh darn it I just am really happy with how these turned out! I used Martha Stewart’s new multi surface paints, which if allowed to cure for 21 days are dishwasher safe and act as enamels. I used metallics on the red plate, and glitter and pearl finishes on the cups and saucers. Hope you’ll come take a look — Make Your Own Holiday Tableware | Crafts by Amanda. […]

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