My monster crafts in Parents Magazine

Back at the end of September I made some fun cardboard tube monsters for the wonderful folks at Parents Magazine. The issue is finally out, so if you are a subscriber, turn to page 184 of the April issue to see the new Make It column featuring my “Moody Monsters”.

It started with this sketch…

Which turned into these…

And then finally into these…

Here’s the cover shot, in case you want to take a look :)

If you are an iPad user, starting on March 15th the download will be available and includes a fun video tutorial on how to make these! :)

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  1. Sue says

    Wow, Congrats Amanda! You're getting more famous by the minute! I'm going to buy it for sure:) I never could find the recent Taste of Home issue that featured you:(

  2. Sharde says

    i love your page! im a nanny for 3 kids so im definitely always looking for good projects that can work for all 3 of them. thanks for posting! im so impressed i will be looking around for quite a while:)
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    I write about hairstyling, crafts, and style while including tutorials on refashioning clothes.


  3. Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree says

    These are fabulous! I'm glad you posted these because sometimes I don't notice everything in the magazine!

  4. says

    awesome! good job mamma! i'm a new follower- glad i found you- we are always up to something and looking for inspiration! – kelli


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