My Plate Wall

This house was built in the mid 1950’s. That means it has a lot of charm, but it also means that it lacks an open floor plan like the newly constructed homes of today. So instead of a kitchen with a big eat in type dining room, I have a dining room that connects to my kitchen and living room through arched doorways. When we moved back in here I didn’t hang anything up. It’s been driving my husband crazy, so I finally put together this plate wall.
First, I went thrifting, yay! My favorite pastime. :) I rummaged around in the plate section for quite a while, picking out large plates, small plates and everything in between. I had certain colors in mind, knowing my wall was dark I wanted to make sure I had contrast.
Here are some of the pretty ones that I found…
If you read my food blog you might recognize the plate in the last picture. I used it in several food shots, such as these Gooey Chocolate Cakes and these Honey Wheat Cookies.
So armed with some cool plates, a nifty brown basket and some awesome wooden utensils, I was almost ready to complete my wall. When I got home, I washed everything and grabbed a few other plates and the green charger from my existing collection. I laid them all out on the dining room table until I was happy with the arrangement. Then I took a picture so I wouldn’t forget where everything went!

Here’s the dining room wall before hanging all the plates. Yep. A blank wall with an electrical outlet smack dab in the middle (from years ago for a lighted china cabinet). Boring, I know.

And the after shot, much better, don’t you think? :)

I also created a design for “Time to Eat” on my Silhouette to apply to one of the white plates that I found. This fits perfectly as that’s what I holler when dinner is ready!

You can find the template for that here. The fonts I used for this are Bell MT (Time to) and Zapfino (EAT). I apologize but I can’t seem to get the Bell MT to export from my files, but I did find it here.

I don’t really care for those ugly plate hangers that you can buy, I wanted the plates to appear suspended on the wall. I chose to use DISChangers. They are pretty dang cool. They are self adhesive and you can’t see them as they are hidden behind the plate.

They are really easy to use. They come in different sizes, each one holding up to a certain weight and/or diameter of plate. First you wet the back of the disc. Just dip your finger in a cup of water then rub your finger around the back of the disc until the glue becomes tacky. Don’t use too much water or you’ll actually wash the glue off. Trust me on this. I wasted one by dipping a pastry brush in water and getting it too wet. A single finger dip is all you really need. :)

Press the disc onto the back of the plate. You will of course want to make sure that you line it up with any design on the front of your plate so that when it hangs, it hangs straight. At this point, you will want to allow the discs to set for 24 hours.

Then you just hang them up! I’m happy with how the wall turned out. The sign at the top was a gift from a friend a few years ago. I didn’t originally intent to hang that there, but there was a big honkin’ screw stinking out of the wall and that sign covered it up. It’s nice having something on the wall now, no more eating dinner with blank walls! :)

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  1. allison @ says

    this turned out so pretty! I have a wall I've been collecting plates for just this idea for a while now. I really appreciate the how to on the hangers because I've bought those, just wasn't exactly sure how to make them work! Thanks so much!

  2. [email protected] says

    I love your plate wall! That small greenish plate is my favorite! It's sooo cute! (and the cakes looks pretty yummy!)
    I need to try the dischangers!

  3. [email protected] says

    btw, I downloaded time to eat, but the font that it shows in my studio is different. So, I suppose that means I don't have the "TIME" font on my puter?

  4. Finding Normal says

    I love this. All of it! I have a weird wall in our eat-in area that would be perfect for this project! I'm so going to start looking for plates! Where did you buy the hangers? Thanks for sharing!

  5. natty. says

    Oh my gosh! I've been planning to do a plate wall for months! I need to paint my wall a dark grey color first. How awesome!

  6. Donnie says

    I really like your idea about setting the dishes on the table to arrange them and taking a photo. They really look nice up there.

  7. Jeanne Selep says

    I wanted to do a plate wall, but instead I change out my hutch. But I still admire plate walls. BTW, very cool hangers! I have never seen them before.

  8. Jen @ says

    Love it!! What a fun project!! I have a bunch of plates and have been trying to plan out a plate wall for such a long time.

    I shared it on my TT& J page :)

  9. mumukshu says

    Interesting line the variety of lates ..the wooden spoons in the basket esp cute..i wish idisc hangers were available here.
    Just a suggestion why not do some family pic or your cooking pic decopauge wiht modge podge on the plain white plates.


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