My rustic country paintings – lots of pics

Wow, I stumbled across these photos yesterday. These are painting I did when I still owned my store, Amanda’s Attic, in Richmond, IL. I was surprised to see that I still had the photos of the store too. Man I really miss that store. I’m so sad that it didn’t work out. That town was just Deadsville, no customers, and when there were they were just looky-loos. So sad.

I used to love to sit behind the counter, paint on whatever I could get my hands on, and enjoy the smells of handmade soaps, hand poured candles and freshly dried herbs. The store was so cozy and comfy and we spent so much time remodeling it. Alas, it is now an Italian restaurant, probably the only business that is doing well in Richmond. That’s a sad thing too, it’s a quaint little Victorian town full of antique shops that used to bustle with people every weekend. Not anymore, so much like a ghost town now.

Ah well, I digress. Here’s some of my painting from days gone by:

This particular painting is a pattern I had borrowed from a friend. I painted it on this little metal tray and on a washboard, both items found in a thrift store. I remember scouring the thrift stores for items to paint on. I miss those days! I’m too darn busy now to even think about doing this again, at least not now. *sigh*

This cat painting was also from a pattern. I loved this and did end up selling it, but for how much, probably $15? It’s terrible what I had to let things go for. :( I don’t know if things have changed now, I’ve thought about checking out Etsy, but I know that’s a crapshoot too.

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This bottle lamp is a pattern I drew myself. It’s crackled and would have looked fabulous either in a Tuscany setting or even shabby chic. I kept this bottle lamp for a really long time and finally sold it on craigslist a year ago. I gave one away to one of my friends as a gift as well.

Oh these plates! These were two plate left over from my mother’s china. Most of the collection was broken during a careless move, but these two survived. I painted them both and gave the swing plate to my brother, I kept the cottage for myself. Then the cottage plate was accidentally broken a couple of years ago :( I actually don’t know if my brother still has his.

These prim blocks were fun. They were just blocks left over from building our deck, so I painted on them.

This little box I bought at the dollar store. I had some horrible tasting candy in it that I threw out, peeled off the label and went to town. I really liked this box.

Oh now this I absolutely loved! it was such a fun pattern. Wish I could say I came up with this myself but I can’t. It was from a book, it was so fun to paint and the results were awesome. I should have just kept it instead of selling it. Ah well.

I would say if I had a favorite pattern that I have created myself, it was this rooster. Again, wish I would have just kept this. I found a picture of a rooster in a magazine and created the pattern based off of that. Man I loved this! I painted it on a pie plate and sold it for $20. What’s wrong with me??

ANOTHER CRAFTY IDEA >>  Tree Frogs & Lighthouses

I drew this one myself too, and again, it’s on a pie plate. I really liked this one too.

I’ll be honest I can’t remember if this one was from a pattern book or not, but I think it was. I believe a friend of mine bought this one :)

Now this stool I still have. I had it for sale for $60. Everyone that came into the store raved on and on about it, but no one would buy it. I’m glad though. it’s in my garage right now, but it took my 5.5 hours to paint that, there’s no way I would have let it go for less. The scene is from a pattern book, it’s called Marblehead, MA.

Wow that was a lot of pictures, did you make it this far? LOL I only have 2 other remnants from that store in the past. I still have a cottage garden bench I painted and my store sign. Gotta keep those memories!


  1. ~The Robin's Nest~ says

    Hi Amanda,
    Robin from The Robin’s Nest here… I’ve been wanting to get over to your blog but life kept getting in the way! So I got a little break in the action and came right over. Love your blog!
    I’m putting you on my google reader!
    I understand how you would miss your store, I had a floral shop for years. (The Robin’s Nest) I loved it so much-But we moved so I had to sell it. Sad day.
    But I do so enjoy blogging and sharing crafts with others just like yourself.
    So nice to meet you,

  2. KKL-Neenee says

    Hi Amanda – thank you very much for adding my blog to yours *Ü*

    Your paintings are just beautiful!!
    I can imagine how hard it was for you to sell some of those.

    I’ll be adding your blog to my blogrolling list right away and also marking you as one of my favorites.


  3. Dollgiver says

    OH my your painting is beautiful!!!I need to add you to my blogs!!! You asked on mine how big the pumpkin cone and snowcone were… they measure about 11 inches long.. not sure I would consider them ornament size,, pends on what you like…LOL. Thanks for asking!! debbie
    Dollgivers Attic

  4. Carrie Ann says

    Great projects! I love them! Esp. the cat and the rooster plate! Who doesn’t love roosters?

    Thanks for commenting on our blog!

  5. Amanda says

    Thanks everyone, I really miss my painting. I’m so swamped with other work I don’t know when I will get back to it, but all your words of encouragement and pushing me to start again :)

  6. Amanda says

    Thanks again Mary! I am not Italian, I am British. The name Formaro is Italian, it is my husband’s family that is from Italy :)

    (Ringraziamenti ancora Mary! Non sono italiano, io sono britannico. Il Formaro nome è italiano, esso è il mio husband’ famiglia di s che proviene dall’Italia:))

  7. [email protected] says

    Wow! Amanda, you are a very talented painter!
    I love the washboard and the cat the most. How cool that you had a store. Girl, you've done it all!

  8. Peggy says

    Hi Amanda,
    I too miss my store that I had for years–good times but like you the wonderful atomosphere did not pay the bills and I could no longer remain open. However, even though I have since returned to school and am finishing my graduate degree I am still an artist and am dicovering new avenues to create all the time. I am wondering if you might direct me on how to start a blog? At one time I had a web site but could not afford to keep it up and would like to try a blog to showcase my work and maybe even take in an order or two:) I have no idea where to begin. I did try to start one in google but now I can’t even find that one :(

    Any helpful advice you might have would be so much appreciated. I love your work!


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