Organize Your Odd Socks

In my old house my dryer was right at the end of the wall, basically in the corner. So I had a wall right there which I hung some clothespins on for odd socks. In this house I don’t really have that, and the wall behind the machines is too inconvenient being that it’s quite a stretch over the machine, and I would probably drop socks down the back! So instead, I attached my clothespins to a cabinet that’s right next to the dryer. It’s a great way to see what socks are missing mates, and all you need are some clothespins and Gorilla Tape!

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  1. Tawny says

    That's a super great idea! I'm gonna go find some of my wayward clothes pins and get to work. Better than wasting space inside the cupboard for all the lost socks.

  2. Candy Cake and Crafts says

    Good idea with organizing. I have something similar that I created a while ago. It's a sign/hanger for lost socks. I posted a picture of it on my blog, so please take a look. I've also provided a link for others to come visit your site and learn more on your sock organizing idea. I'm at

  3. The Modern Lady says

    Excellent idea. My husband doesn't understand that sometimes socks just get mixed up… I told him they have a mind of their own!

  4. Jeanette says

    I wouldn't know if sock are missing unless they are mine….I quit matching socks when my youngest was in 4th grade. Each person has a basket and I toss the clean cloths it to it…..If they want matching socks they do it….saves me loads of time and made me so much happier about laundry day.

  5. Phil Laver says

    Why can't we all just wear odd socks? I only wear odd socks. for formal occasions I try to make sure the socks are a 'similar' colour. for parties I make sure they're totally different! never a dull day


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