Boho Chic Doily Dreamcatcher

Back in October my daughter found a pretty dreamcatcher on Pinterest that was made from a doily, embroidery hoop and lace. There was no tutorial, just an image that had been uploaded. She showed me the picture and asked if I would help her make one for her apartment. Luckily a friend of mine had a great big embroidery hoop and I had a big doily in my food props.

Boho Chic Doily Dreamcatcher by Amanda Formaro of Crafts by Amanda

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4 Seasons Button Tree Wall Art by Amanda Formaro, Crafts by Amanda

4 Seasons Button Tree Wall Art…

I have been waiting to make this season-inspired button tree for over a year. I saw a gorgeous painting that inspired me, but I kept putting it off because I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do … [Read More...]

DIY Flower Wall Letters - Amanda Formaro, Crafts by Amanda

DIY Flower Wall Letters…

Have you seen them? The flower wall letters that have been "sprouting" up around the Internet lately? Well, I have. I've always wanted a place to put big letters up on the wall, and now that I have my … [Read More...]

Avenger Craft: The Hulk Party Bag, Amanda Formaro - Crafts by Amanda

Avenger Craft: The Hulk Party…

If you and your kids are fans of The Avengers, you'll probably be headed to movie theaters May 1st for their new movie, Age of Ultron. If you're looking for something fun to take along to the movies, … [Read More...]

Craft Room Stool Makeover: Easy Reupholstering - Amanda Formaro, Crafts by Amanda

Craft Room Stool Makeover: Easy…

I never realized how easy reupholstering actually is. I had these stools in my basement craft room, they were the perfect height for my craft table. I had picked them up at a flea market last summer … [Read More...]

Butterfly Craft: Watercolors and Clothespins - Amanda Formaro, Crafts by Amanda

Butterfly Craft: Watercolors and…

It wouldn’t be spring without at least one butterfly craft for the kids! This activity uses paper instead of coffee filters, which I’m sure you’ve seen many times before. Watercolor paints are … [Read More...]

My New Craft Studio - Amanda's Creative Studio, Amanda Formaro - Crafts by Amanda

My New Craft Studio…

After eighteen wonderful years of working from home I have finally decided to take the plunge and rent a space in town that will serve as my craft studio and office. Working from home has been a … [Read More...]

Shibori Tie Dye - Cool Hues by Amanda Formaro, Crafts by Amanda

Shibori Tie Dye – Cool…

Last summer I learned about shibori tie dye, an ancient Japanese resist method that involves scrunching, twisting, folding and/or mashing a fabric and then dying it. There are quite a few different … [Read More...]

How to Make a Rubber Band Car by Amanda Formaro, Crafts by Amanda

How to Make a Rubber Band Car…

This rubber band car tutorial comes right out of the pages of one of my new books, Rubber Band Mania. While you can certainly use a paper towel tube for your car, I chose a sturdier tube that came … [Read More...]

29 Beach Crafts: Coastal DIY Wall Art

29 Beach Crafts: Coastal DIY…

The walls in my home are decorated with countless beach crafts I've made over the last several years. My bathroom, living room and even my kitchen have a coastal feel, I just love the calming colors … [Read More...]

How to Make a Comic Book Decoupage Frame by Amanda Formaro, Crafts by Amanda

Comic Craft: Decoupage Frame…

Lately I’ve fallen in love with creating comic crafts and superhero crafts. I’ll admit, I was never really into comic books or superheroes until the DC Comic movies started appearing several years … [Read More...]