Paper Bag Frog Puppet

Paper Bag Frog Puppet - Crafts by Amanda by @amandaformaro

April is National Frog Month and March is National Craft Month. See where I’m going with this? There are a lot of fun ways for kids to learn about the frog. Games, activities, printables and of course, crafts.

This is a fun project that doesn’t take too much time, and then after they’re all done making their frogs, kids can have a puppet show! These would be fun for reading Frog & Toad Are Friends out loud, don’t you think? That’s one of my all time favorite children’s books!

Paper Bag Frog Puppet - Crafts by Amanda by @amandaformaro

When my kids were little we used to have the VHS version of that book and oh my gosh, I swear I knew it by heart. It played over and over again, but I really didn’t mind. It was so darn cute!

Paper Bag Frog Puppet - Crafts by Amanda by @amandaformaro

Start off with a green bag. You can find these at WalMart with the gift wrap supplies. See how the bottom of the bag has a white section with a barcode and other print?

Paper Bag Frog Puppet - Crafts by Amanda by @amandaformaro

Well, if yours has that too, simply cover it with some scrapbook paper.

Paper Bag Frog Puppet - Crafts by Amanda by @amandaformaro

Make the eyes from scrapbook paper and construction paper and glue stick everything together. Easy peasy!

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Paper Bag Frog Puppet

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Paper Bag Frog Puppet

What you need:

  • green paper gift bag
  • Patterned scrapbook paper in green shades
  • White, black and red construction paper
  • Glue stick
  • Black marker
  • Scissors

What you do:

  1. If your gift bag has a white bottom, cover that section with patterned scrapbook paper.
  2. Cut out two large circles for the outer sections of the eyes from green patterned scrapbook paper.
  3. Cut two white circles about 1/2" smaller than the green circles. Glue to the green circles.
  4. Cut two black circles for the pupils, about 1-inch in diameter. Glue to the white circles.
  5. Glue eyes to the top of the bag puppet, sticking out over the top.
  6. Use a black marker to add dots for nostrils.
  7. But a forked tongue from red paper and glue to the bag, under the flap.
  8. Cut "spots" from green patterned scrapbook paper and glue to the body of the bag.

Notes from Amanda

You can use a regular brown or white paper lunch bag and paint it with green craft paint.
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