Paper Bag Scarecrow craft

I always love to hear when someone (especially a child) has successfully made one of my craft projects. I received this email from a food blogger friend of mine, Katrina of Baking and Boys, the other day:

“Imagine my surprise when picking my sons up from cub/boy scouts at our church last night and after seeing some 8-11 year old girls with the cutest scarecrows they had just made. I decided they were so cute I’d try to find them online and make them with a couple of my sons. Lo and behold, I found them and guess who the creator is? Hmmm?

It’s you! We’ll be trying to make them soon! So cute!


Thanks Katrina! That made my day. Even though I make tons of craft projects I don’t always get the feedback. So needless to say, this was very fun for me. :)

Well Katrina made it even more fun – her cute boys made the scarecrows and she sent me pictures. Aren’t they just adorable (the kids and their crafts!)?!

“Taylor, Sam and I (okay, Sam didn’t really help much, he’s only 2), but Taylor–6 on Monday and I made two scarecrows yesterday. Cute as can be and quite simple.¬†Taylor’s is the one on the bottom of the one picture, he really did do most of the cutting and all the pen drawing and did a great job. He did all the gluing (of course, the the funnest part, right.)

ANOTHER CRAFTY IDEA >>  Cardboard Tube Olaf Craft from Frozen

Thanks for the fun ideas!


Thanks so much Katrina, Taylor and Sam for sharing these with me, I love them!

If you would like the instructions for The Paper Bag Scarecrow (<<-click the link) you can find them on Kaboose.


  1. Katrina says

    So fun, Amanda! Thanks! Now everyone who sees them at our house points out how cute they are and asks about them.

  2. Rena says

    Oh, these are cute! We usually do a Scarecrow Week for school in November, so I can't wait to do these with my kids then!


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