Parent’s Magazine Best Blog Award – please vote! :)

Crafts by Amanda nominated in the Parent’s Magazine Best Blog Awards! How fun is that? But I need your votes, because the nomination is nothing without YOU! I only have 6 votes so far, boo hoo! :-/ Will you please take a moment to vote for Crafts by Amanda? It only takes a second, just click the vote button once you get here!

ANOTHER CRAFTY IDEA >>  American Crafter: Season 3!


  1. Rowan says

    Wow! Gratz on the nomination, Amanda! But what a pain in the bahookie to vote if you’re not already registered on their site. My kids are all grown an gone but I registered anyway. I can always cancel it later. I just had to get the vote in for ya! :D Best of luck!

    • Amanda Formaro says

      Thank you so much for doing that Rowan! I didn’t realize you couldn’t vote without being registered. I guess that would explain the low number of votes! I guess I’m logged in there and didn’t even realize it!

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