Personalized Coffee Mugs

Personalized Coffee Mugs

The holiday season is officially here! The news is reporting that consumers are watching for good deals even more than ever and people are pinching their pennies when it comes to holiday gifts. I found a set of pretty glass mugs at the dollar store, used some stencils and enamel paint to create these personalized mugs that will make excellent holiday gifts.

You might remember when I received some awesome self adhesive stencils from the Martha Stewart line. I had posted about my bird feeder makeover where I used these same alphabet stencils to freshen up the feeder for my backyard feathered friends.

Then Bailey’s Irish Cream asked me to participate in their Friendsgiving event. I’ll be posting about that over at Amanda’s Cookin’ and sharing my menu and ideas. One of those ideas included making these personalized mugs that I set out with each person’s place setting and served with Bailey’s and hot chocolate.

Personalized Coffee MugsTo make mugs like these is super easy. All you need is some white or silver enamel paint, I prefer Americana’s Gloss Enamel line, stencils and mugs! The adhesive stencils stick right to the glass so there’s no holding them in place. Pounce on the enamel paint and let them dry. Follow the directions on the enamel paint bottle for proper curing time.

Because I already had these stencils and the paint on hand, this was a very inexpensive gift and my friends really loved them!

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  1. Anna says

    I love your tutorials! Would glass etching cream also work with those stencils? I feel like you’d get a similar effect without the risk of chipped paint.

    • Amanda Formaro says

      Hi Anna! I’m sure that etching cream would work. I prefer the enamel paint because they are easier to work with :)

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