Recycled Bread Tag Snowmen

Recycled Bread Tag Snowmen

Don’t throw out those little plastic bread tag clips that come on packages of bagels, English muffins and sandwich buns. Instead, save them to make these cute little snowmen for securing your Christmas treat bags!

You probably remember the recycled bread tag monsters that I made for Halloween. Right after making those I knew I wanted to make some for Christmas too. I finally had some time to make these and just in time for your holiday treat bags!

Recycled Bread Tag SnowmenThese were actually very easy and I think I like the ones without mouths better than the ones with mouths. Either way, I think they came out cute and took almost no time at all!

Recycled Bread Tag Snowmen
printable version

plastic bread tags
acrylic paint: orange, pink and black
sealer spray, matte finish

If your bread tags are any color but white, you will need to paint them with white acrylic paint first.

Recycled Bread Tag SnowmenFirst I sketched out some ideas. I really recommend doing this whenever you are trying to make something from your head a reality.

Recycled Bread Tag SnowmenYou want to do the cheeks first. Use an old scruffy brush and dip it in pink paint. Dab off the excess paint on a piece of paper.

Recycled Bread Tag SnowmenDab the cheeks on with the pink paint.

Recycled Bread Tag SnowmenPractice making the noses on a piece of paper.

Recycled Bread Tag SnowmenAdd noses to the bread clips.

Recycled Bread Tag SnowmenDip the handle end of a small paintbrush into black paint. Dot on the eyes.

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Recycled Bread Tag SnowmenUse the same dotting method to add a mouth if you like, or use a Sharpie marker. NOTE: If using a Sharpie, let these sit for several hours before spraying with sealer, otherwise the ink may run.

Recycled Bread Tag SnowmenIf not using Sharpie, just allow the paint to dry then spray with sealer.

Get the recipe for these chocolate drizzled gingerbread cookies

Recycled Bread Tag SnowmenNow attach to your treat bags, like I did on these chocolate drizzled gingerbread cookies!



  1. Jane says

    This kills me! It is so simple and brilliant! That's it! I am making it an assignment for my students to bring in bread tags!

  2. Amanda says

    Cute idea! Or it might look like it's eating the bag, LOL but a hungry snowman means that the treats in the bag are yummy right? :) :)

  3. maggy, red ted art says

    These are VERY cute and made me smile. What greedy little snowmen… eating all those cookies!

    (And thanks for linking up!)

  4. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    That is the cutest idea I've seen, Amanda! How creative and what a great way to add a little something to a package like cookies or candy.

  5. Michelle@Somedaycrafts says

    Another Darling idea! I am featuring this today at Thanks for all your inspiration.

  6. Jenn Erickson says

    Visiting from the linky party at "My Backyard Eden" and had to come by, Amanda, to say this: Genius! Positively genius! I love your creativity and cleverness!

  7. Mary says

    Hi, I found your blog at My Romatic Home. I love your bread tags, too cute! I would like to invite you to post this over at my new link party, Masterpiece Monday, at my blog, Boogieboard Cottage. The link is already up. I hope you can join the party!

    Happy New Year,

  8. MeanestMotherInTheWorld says

    These are SOOO cute! I am just stumbling acrost your blog now and wishing I had found you over the holidays :)
    LOVE your craft ideas :)

  9. mercedes Medina says

    OMG…I have been saving big bread tags I new they would come in handy cause they were so. I bake for xmas for the teachers at work and is always looking for the right color ribbon….But now I love to paint and do crafts things and this one, was a winner. Thank you so much for this Ideal. Great work. Mercedes

  10. Cathy Coates says

    These are just the cutest ideas I’ve ever seen! I MUST borrow your idea with the snowman for Christmas cookies for friends! The ideas are endless! Chicks and bunnies for Easter, clowns for parties! These are just GENIUS! Thank you for sharing!!!

  11. Rena says

    Oh, these are awesome! I loved your little monster ones, but I wasn’t sure what I’d do with those. These would make a great addition to a food gift!

  12. Claire says

    SUPER IDEA!!! We could also put little thoughts at the back, like :……LOVE…..FRIENDS……..JOY………..PEACE……FAMILY….

    I wonder if they would work as a glass marker. Has anyone tried??????

  13. Ann says

    Do you need to really use the sealer? I was going to do this as a school project and I would love
    to skip this step. Let me know! Thank you! Ann


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