Super Easy Snowman Soap

Super Easy Snowman Soap @amandaformaro Crafts by Amanda

This is totally fun and your kids will think you are SuperMom when you make this magic happen. You’ll need a bar of Ivory soap, only Ivory will do! So don’t try and substitute. :) First, I want you to watch the video below of the soap magic. :) THEN click over to my tutorial on Kix Cereal’s website and see how I made these awesome snowman soaps!

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  1. Peggy says

    I did this activity at Girl Scout camp with my 10-year-old Junior Girl Scouts. They were fascinated at the way the soap fluffed up and we adults were no less fascinated. Makes for a great science lesson disguised as a craft. It is messy so newspaper is a must. I tried to get the girls to use a little food coloring to make the snowman noses but when I stepped out of the room to fluff up more soap and came back, they had food coloring all over themselves and the table. You have to add back water to get the fluff to be workable so you can mold it into a shape. When you are done, you are left with lots of soap bits on your hands. Gloves might be a good idea. Unfortunately we had no hot water that weekend and cleaning our hands was tough. But, all in all, fantastic activity for kids and lots of fun for adults, too.


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