Spring Craft: Cardboard Tube Birds

Spring Craft: Cardboard Tube Birds via CraftsbyAmanda.com @amandaformaro

Only a couple more days and spring will be officially here, according to the calendar anyway! The weather here in southeast Wisconsin still reflects the dead of winter, so I’m waiting patiently for spring’s arrival. The birds, however, are back. The last week or so I have heard them chirping in the backyard (probably the woman bird yelling at the man bird that they came back too soon ha-ha).

At any rate, whether you have bulbs poking up through the ground or your tulip beds are still buried under the white stuff like mine are, this little spring craft will lift your spirits. It uses one of my favorite recycled supplies.. cardboard tubes.

Spring Craft: Cardboard Tube Birds via CraftsbyAmanda.com @amandaformaro

Use whatever pretty colors make you happy, I chose pink and yellow. You can buy bags of feathers at the craft store, they come in a variety of colors. For a spring craft like this one, I prefer the bags with the bright flowery colors. Some are solid packs with all one color and some are multicolored packs, which are the ones I usually get.

Spring Craft: Cardboard Tube Birds via CraftsbyAmanda.com @amandaformaro

Just cover your cardboard tubes with colored construction paper and add a construction paper beak. Glue on some googly eyes.

Spring Craft: Cardboard Tube Birds via CraftsbyAmanda.com @amandaformaro

Parents should use a craft knife to poke holes in the side of the cardboard tube for the wings.

Spring Craft: Cardboard Tube Birds via CraftsbyAmanda.com @amandaformaro

Dab some glue inside the top of the tube to stick the feather in.

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Spring Craft: Cardboard Tube Birds


  • Cardboard tubes
  • Pink, yellow and green construction paper
  • Feathers
  • White craft glue
  • 2 Googly eyes for each bird
  1. Cover cardboard tubes with pink and yellow construction paper.
  2. Cut small triangles from the orange construction paper for the beaks. Glue to the cardboard tube.
  3. Glue two goggly eyes at the top of the beak.
  4. Have a grown up poke a hole in both sides of the cardboard tube. Ad a dab of glue to the hole and insert feather.
  5. Add some glue to the inside of the cardboard tube above the eyes. Add a small feather to the glue.


  1. says

    Hi, I’m a French mum of 2 (Cécile is almost 10, and Frédéric is 6 1/2). We love creative crafts, and your ideas are funny, lovely and the bright colours you use are so joyful! Thanks a lot!

  2. Isabel says

    Thank you for your site. I am a french teacher and I come often to look for ideas for kidscrafts ( Christmas, Easter, parent’s days ) It’s so funny, simple and lovely .


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