Strawberry Acorn Magnets

Strawberry Acorn Magnets

Kids and adults alike enjoy strawberry crafts. If you’re like me, you have some acorns laying around that you collected last fall. Strawberries are pretty and bursting with color, they make for a fun afternoon of crafting. So why not make some to display in a jar or make some into magnets like I did?

Strawberry Acorn Magnet CraftsbyAmanda.comSimply paint the acorn tops green and the acorns themselves with varying shades of red and pink. Then use a toothpick dipped in black paint to add the outer seeds. Glue on a magnet when they are dry!

Strawberry Acorn Magnets from

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Strawberry Acorn Magnets
  • Acorns with tops
  • Acrylic paint: black, green, red (and other shades that are similar, such as magenta or fuchsia)
  • Toothpick
  • Paintbrush
  • Clear gloss sealer
  • Hot glue gun
  • E6000 glue
  • Round magnets
  1. Remove the acorn tops and paint them green.
  2. Paint the acorns with red or other shades of red.
  3. When dry, dip toothpick into black paint and dot onto red acorns.
  4. Hot glue the tops on to the acorns.
  5. Spray with gloss sealer and let dry.
  6. Use E6000 glue to add a magnet to the back of each acorn.
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