Testing Your Cleaning Logic

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Confused onlooker at car wash

When you clean the counters in your kitchen, do you rely on a dry paper towel, or do you clean with a wet cloth? What about when you’re outside gardening and you get dirt all over your hands, do you just brush it off with a dry towel? Of course not, you wash your hands with water, right? And when your children were babies and their diaper needed to be changed, did you clean their bottoms with dry toilet paper? No! Baby wipes, of course right? Why is that do you think? Because wet just cleans better than dry.

Imagine you went to a car wash to have your car cleaned off. Now imagine that the attendant wipes your car down with a dry towel and tells you they’re all done. You’d be upset wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t that scratch the paint if they don’t wash the dirt off first? You paid for a car wash!

I want you to watch this. Click the video below to start watching…



I’m sure you get the picture now! It’s true isn’t it? Not convinced? Imagine you went to the salon and the shampoo girl didn’t use water when she washed your hair! Watch this…



How about now?

I received Cottonelle Fresh Care flushable wipes and Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper to try out. Thing is, I was already using them! I’ve used the flushable wipes for several months and have felt a lot cleaner and fresher because of it. It’s not a fun or comfortable thing to talk about, but it’s really quite true. I imagine changing my kids’ diapers when they were little and would never have done it with a dry wipe, why do we think it’s okay once we grow up?

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I encourage you to enter the contest and would love it if you left a comment here telling me why you want to win! And just for fun, here’s one more video for you.

I think these videos are so fun, I can’t help sharing them all! This one is in a bistro…



Does this dry vs. wet logic make sense to you? Now that you’ve watched the video, I’d love to hear your reactions, so please, comment away!

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  1. says

    flushable wipes user here!! we keep a box in the bathroom at all times! Just saw one of these Cottonelle commercials last night! lol too funny

  2. ZolPam says

    I have been using moist wipes for years….. I totally hear ya’!!! and I’m on board!!!! You go Girl!

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