Tin Can Robot in Parents Magazine

tin can robotOccasionally I work with Parents Magazine and provide them with fun craft projects for kids that they include in their print magazine. My Cardboard Tube Monsters were in the April issue and now in the October issue, you can find my Tin Can Robot. I love working with the editors at Parents Magazine, they are all a pleasure!

If you have a tablet (I don’t, boo!) you can watch a fun video that the editors made using this robot!

If you would like to receive 2 FREE years of  Parents Magazine, simply click here and fill out the info. I don’t earn anything from that, I just think it’s a great deal and wanted to share :) Thanks go out to Parents Magazine for working with me and producing such a wonderful publication for moms and dads everywhere!

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  1. says

    Amanda that is the cutest darn thing… I often look to your sight to show craft ideas to the senior citizens that I work with.. Im always referring your sight and telling them they should check you out.

  2. says

    Congrats!I hope you got some kind of compensation from them! And as Katrina said above, this would be good for boys, I do no crafts with my boys. I know, bad, bad. Very cute blog and new follower. btw, I’m doing my first giveaway for a diy slipcover dvd. Come check it out if you’re interested. Nice to meet you!

    • Amanda Formaro says

      Hi nan, oh yes, I was paid for the project. I am a freelancer, so I definitely don’t give stuff away LOL :) Thanks!

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