Tree Frogs & Lighthouses

Ah the tree frogs. Years ago when I had my store, I found a photo of two tree frogs with a black background. I don’t know why, but I just loved that photo. I traced the outline of the frogs and built my pattern from that. I painted the frogs onto this jar, adding flowers and grass blades. I’m not sure why, but out of all the patterns that I created on my jars, this one received the most orders. The first one took me forever, the second one wasn’t nearly as bad, and eventually I got to where I could paint them in a snap. I don’t even know if I have the patterns anymore! Anyway, that’s the story behind the frogs :)

Two more jars that I always liked were these lighthouses. Again, I found a photo and created a pattern from those. The lighthouses were really out of my element so they were quite a challenge. The black and white one is Cape Hatteras, NJ, they actually MOVED that lighthouse from one location to another, just like how they move a house. The other one is Start Point in Dartmouth, England. I did sell both of those jars, now I wish I hadn’t. They would fit nicely in my bathroom now LOL

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  1. Amanda says

    Thanks Tami! I used to pray that no one would order them LOL! They were really out of my element so I preferred not to paint them again.

  2. Sortin'ItAllOut says

    Hi Amanda,
    I would love to try this with my kids -does it matter what paint you use? And when you talk about patterns-where do you find these?

  3. Sortin'ItAllOut says

    Thank-you, Amanda! I looked at your patterns and your prices are great! I’ll have to see what the kids want to do.


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