Valentine Heart Letter Boxes

heart boxes top.JPG

Not sure I remember these from when I was little, but I think they’ve been around for a few years anyway. Turn a cereal box into a heart shaped hanging basket to hold all of your Valentine’s greetings! Kids will have fun decorating the box, whether they are boys or girls, as they can use whatever colors and embellishments that suit them. I’ll show you how on Kix.

Get my tutorial for these Valentine Heart Boxes at Kix Cereal. 

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  1. Rita says

    This is not fair. I expected to get directions when I placed the icon for MORE info. But no – all you do is tell me directions are on Kix box. I don’t buy Kix, thank you very much.

    • Norene says

      Rita. Oh my! The instructions are on line. Just click on where Amanda has “Get the tutorial for these Valentine Heart Boxes at Kix Cereal” Valentine Heart Boxes is in bright pink…click on that and it will take you to the instructions :-) hope you find it!

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