Wall Reveal

I’ve been working on this wall for a few weeks, though I’ve been wanting to do it since we bought this house over 2 years ago. It’s been empty all that time, so it’s nice to finally have something to look at! Almost everything on this wall is one of my projects, with the exception of the two little hearts I got thrift shopping, and the lovely jewelry frame I won from the talented Heidi Smith at Budget Wise Home Decorating.

(You can click on each item in the picture to go to each tutorial on this blog. If it’s not clickable, there’s an explanation below of those items.)

clock redo frame redo Framed Jewelry Holder Mirror Redo pine cone wreath denim fabic flowers


Starting at top left is my clock redo, where I took a round wooden clock I’ve had sitting around for years and gave it a facelift. I sanded it down, painted, distressed and glazed it. Then below that is my wooden frame redo. I’m particularly happy with this one. I found a plain wooden frame at the thrift store for $3, used an old textured placemat and some seashells to dress up, as well as painting and distressing it.

To the right of those are the hearts I found while thrift shopping. The one that is placed lower on the wall was $0.50 at my favorite thrift store. The one above is actually a large copper heart cookie cutter and it cost me $8.50, I think it was worth it though. See that gorgeous jewelry hanger frame? I won that beauty from Heidi at Budget Wise just for participating in Tip Me Tuesday at Tip Junkie. :) I bought some cheap costume jewelry at the thrift store to hang on it.

Dead center is my mirror redo. I’ve had this ornate filigree mirror for several years. Bought it off of craigslist and finally got around to painting and distressing it. To the right of that is my black pine cone wreath. Did you know if you soak pine cones in water they’ll close up? This can be helpful when creating a pine come wreath. Finally, to the far right is a burlap hanger made from my denim fabric flowers. I simply removed the dowel stems and hot glued them to a strip of burlap fabric and used a black painted dowel to the top with a little burlap for the hanger.

So that’s it, that’s my wall reveal. Hope you like it :)

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  1. Decorchick! says

    I love your wall!! Love that fat ribbon on the wreath. :) Saw your link on House of Hepworths

  2. Helen says

    so many ideas now… so many blank walls in my home… your wall looks excellent… thanks for the inspiration..

  3. Threeundertwo says

    Oh wow! What a beautiful unique grouping. I absolutely love it. So fun to see all the projects together. Thanks for linking up to Finished for Friday!

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