Recycled Key Garden Markers
Author: Amanda Formaro
  • Recycled keys
  • White indoor/outdoor spray paint
  • Colorful Sharpie permanent markers
  • Outdoor sealer spray or brush-on (such as Outdoor Mod Podge)
  1. Spray paint the keys and allow to dry. Give them a second coat and let them dry again before turning them all over and painting the other side.
  2. Write herb names with colorful Sharpies. Then trace over the words, offset just a little, with a black fine point Sharpie. You want to make sure the color shows through.
  3. Use shades of green to draw leaves in different sizes on the keys. I also used pinks, oranges and reds to add a few dots here and there just for colorful accent.
  4. Allow the marker to dry for two hours before applying sealer. Apply two coats to each side.
Recipe by Crafts by Amanda at