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Weathered Beach Signs

Bring a little of that beach feeling into your home by making some rustic looking beach signs. 
Author: Amanda Formaro


  • 4 – 7” x 3” wood slats
  • Flat paintbrush
  • liner paintbrush
  • Toothpick
  • Pattern for fonts
  • Sandpaper preferably a handheld power sander

Americana Paints:

  • Buttermilk
  • Warm Beige
  • Spa Blue
  • Mint Julep Green
  • Cool White
  • font pattern


  • Paint wooden slats with Cool White paint.
  • Paint each slat with a different color (Flesh Ton, Spa Blue, Mint Julep Green and Buttermilk).
  • Use Word to create the words beach, surf, relax and sand or print out the pattern.
  • Place each word onto a slat and trace the words using a ball point pen or a stylus, pressing firmly so as to create indents in the wood slat underneath.
  • Use Cool White to paint the words.
  • Dip flat paintbrush into Cool White and wipe off all of the excess paint onto a paper towel. You want to create a dry brushed looked, so lightly paint streaks across the surface of the slat.
  • Sand the edges and lightly across the top of the slats to create a weathered look.
  • Spray with an acrylic matte sealer.