Sunflower Kissing Balls 2
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Sunflower Kissing Balls

Use these sunflower kissing balls for weddings, showers, parties, or to simply dress up your home or front porch.
Author: Meaghan Mountford


  • Yellow whiffle balls
  • Faux sunflower heads
  • Hot glue guns
  • Raffia ribbon or twine


  • Cut a piece of ribbon or twine. Thread the ribbon through two adjoining holes and tie a double knot.
  • Have your sunflower heads ready. If your faux flowers have stems, trim the stems 1/2-inch from the head.
  • Dab hot glue around a whiffle ball hole and press a faux flower over the hole. You should have one flower for each hole in the whiffle ball. You should be able to dab glue around two or three holes at a time. Cover the whiffle ball, including the holes used for the ribbon.
  • Tie the ribbon the length you need to create a loop and hang where you like!