Corrugated Cardboard Snowman Ornaments
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Corrugated Cardboard Snowman Ornaments

Author: Amanda Formaro



  • Pattern
  • Silk ivy leaves
  • Corrugated cardboard mine is from an corrugated cardboard mailing envelope
  • Floral wire
  • Tools: Paintbrush scissors, toothbrush, toothpick, instant grab glue, glue dots, scruffy paintbrush

Americana Acrylic Paint:

  • Sand snowman faces
  • Honey Brown noses
  • Deep Burgundy Santa hat, black hat band, holly berries
  • Hauser Dark Green holly leaves
  • Baby Pink cheeks
  • Lamp Black Top hat, eyes, mouths
  • Sand + White Santa cap’s pom pom and brim
  • White splatter


  • Cut the ornament shapes from cardboard using the pattern. Practice painting on a scrap piece of the cardboard. For the paint to look like aged wood, I used some strokes with the brush loaded, and then I dried the brush on a dry cloth before lightly brushing the creases.
  • Paint all the pieces. While they are drying, cut the holly leaves from an silk ivy. Place the holly leaves on a scrap piece of cardboard and paint them green.
  • After everything is painted it’s time to splatter. If you’ve never splattered before, there’s nothing to it. Just thin some white paint with water, dip a toothbrush in it, dab off excess on a soft cloth, then drag your finger across the bristles. You should always do a practice run on something before hitting your actual project.
  • Shaped some floral wire into two smiles and paint them black.
  • Time to put them together. Don’t touch the sticky dot, instead press the dot using the plastic backing, onto the surface where you want the dot to stay. Apply some pressure, then peel the plastic backing off and the dot will stay in place. Then you can press the item onto whatever you want it to adhere to.
  • After you’d put everything together using the dots, add the final details. You can add the holly berries using the handle end of a paintbrush.
  • To add the smiles, squeeze some instant grab glue onto your scrap cardboard, then dip both ends of the smile into the glue. Then place it on the snowman’s face. Use a small scruffy paintbrush to dab on the pink cheeks. Use the handle end of the paintbrush dipped in black paint to dot on the eyes.
  • For the hangers I used that same floral wire, but because of the shapes of the ornaments, I made two different types of hangers. The first one I just created a loop, twisting the ends and rolled that twisted end in instant grab glue. Then I inserted that into the cardboard at the top of the snowman’s black hat.
  • I didn’t want to put the hanger in the small pom pom of the red hat as I didn’t think there was enough stability. So for this hanger I made a twist higher up so that I would have two ends to work with. After dipping those two ends in instant grab glue I inserted the ends into the cardboard on both sides of the top of the hat.